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Thornbury Nursing Services

LogoThornbury Nursing Services Ltd is one of the UK's leading independent nursing agencies. We provide skilled nurses on a temporary basis to major NHS Trusts and private sector clients throughout England and Wales. We deliver an exceptional service to both our patients and our clients by ensuring every nurse we represent meets the most rigorous professional standards.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1983
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:UK
Industry Sectors Covered:Health,   
Job Areas Covered:Medical, Pharmacy & Dentistry,   
Mission Statement:To provide the best professional solution to meet the requirements of each of our clients whilst recognising and rewarding the exceptional skills and efforts of our nurses.

Our Aims And Objectives

Our objectives have been developed to completely meet the needs of our nurses, clients and their patients. We firmly believe that only by delivering an optimal service to each group will Thornbury Nursing Services continue to prosper as one of the UK's leading nursing agencies. So, we aim:-

  • To support clients and nurses in a thoroughly professional way and to be seen as a reliable partner for both.
  • To be the provider of choice for both NHS and private clients in the supply of temporary nursing staff for all areas of nursing.
  • To remunerate, motivate and develop nurses in a way that properly recognises and respects their professional status and the exceptional efforts they make to uphold the standards of the agency.
  • To be available and working for clients and nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • To conform fully with all the requirements of regulations, contracts and other agreements that legally apply to the agency.
  • To be a fair and decent nurses agency.
  • To be a national provider of nurses agency services.
  • To be a valued partner for other important players in the nursing community (government, unions, trade associations and professional bodies).


Supply Of Nurses

Thornbury Nursing Services' team of specially trained recruiters (themselves qualified nurses) personally interview and select nurses across the country using a strict method of competence-based assessment. We insist upon at least two professional references and verify all claims of experience in specialist fields.

All qualified staff are verified with the relevant professional body and Criminal Records Bureau checks are carried out for all staff. Monthly reviews of our computerised records are carried out to alert us to nurses whose registration is shortly to expire and we require documented evidence of re-registration before we allow continuation of registration.

This ensures that every Thornbury nurse meets the highest expectations - in terms of professional accreditation, competency, attitude and personality.

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