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TEKsystems promises our customers reliable service commitment and the optimal technical expertise with each customer interaction. We also provide the same high level of customer service to our Technical Professionals, along with open communication during the recruitment and on-boarding phases. Our skill in providing top-notch technology staffing services is matched only by our dedication and enthusiasm in offering premier customer service. TEKsystems collaborates with Technical Professionals who are technologically proficient and able assimilate into any team-based work environment. We take care in enlisting those with strong character and ethical integrity and who share your values; we treat every work assignment with precision.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Employment Agency
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Industry Sectors Covered:Government & Local Government,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,   
Job Areas Covered:Communications,    Accounting, Finance & Insurance,   
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Staffing Services

Whether you require technical expertise for just a week or for years, TEKsystems will deliver for you. From senior network engineers to helpdesk professionals, our Technical Professionals are fully screened so that you'll be confident they will be able to produce results as soon as they begin.

Understanding your business and your industry, not just your technical specifications, is a priority of ours. TEKsystems has a network of highly qualified Technical Professionals ready to help your organisation reach its goals.

Team Services

For important projects that require complete teams of technicians and support staff, our Team Services offering combines all the required people needed to do the job and offers them to you as a single service. With these engagements, we bring together the perfect mix of skills and personalities needed to get the project done effectively and efficiently.

And as a single-source service provider, TEKsystems ensures rate consistency and process efficiency. This saves you money and guarantees better results.

Workforce Management Services

By providing the right people, web-based technologies and business processes, our Workforce Management Services offering improves and simplifies the oversight of your company's contingent labour service providers. That's why TEKsystems has a full array of Workforce Management Services to help your company get the most out of their contract and project-based workforce - so that these workers can be productive, efficient and responsible.

Our Workforce Management Services are designed to help you better forecast, find, evaluate, hire, oversee and maintain your temporary and contractual staff members. Our clients get a sizeable return on their investment with our Workforce Management Services, often times faster than they ever thought possible.

As one of the world's top staffing services companies, TEKsystems knows how to optimize the use of contingent workers. Looking for better efficiency, higher service quality, optimised business processes and enhanced reporting capabilities?

General comments that raters have made about TEK Systems:

1. Comment left on 15/10/2010 10:28
Was sent for an interview with short notice and without a job spec. Found out later (after a second interview) that the actual job requirement was completely different to anything listed on my CV. I am not sure how this could have been missed by a professional agency. A complete waste of time.

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