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LogoSTR are one of the South's Leading Permanent and Contract Recruitment Consultancies. Established in 2000 we have steadily grown and diversified to our current position provide multi-sector recruitment services across the UK and Europe. STR is committed to taking the time to truly understand people's needs and requirements, to enable us to offer an effective, efficient and worthwhile service. STR takes great care to employ staff with the right attributes and abilities and to conduct our relationships with both clients and candidates in an honest, open and professional manner.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 2000
No of Employees:50 - 99
No of Offices:2
Geographic Coverage:UK
Industry Sectors Covered:Construction and Building,    Health,    Food and Drink,    Energy and Natural Resources,    Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Government & Local Government,    Industrial and FMCG,    Professional Services,    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Public Sector,    Recruitment,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,    Charity and not for profit,    Other,   
Job Areas Covered:Accounting, Finance & Insurance,    Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Business Services (H&S, Facilities, Planning, Security),    Communications,    Engineering & Construction,    General Management,    Human Resources,    IT,    Operations,    Programme and Project Management,    Sales and Marketing,    Services & Customer Services,    Scientific and Technical,    Supply Chain & Procurement,    Legal,    Medical, Pharmacy & Dentistry,    Recruitment Consultancy,    Other,    Regional UK,    Graduate,    International,   
Mission Statement:

About Us

STR delivers cost-effective recruitment services built on quality, professionalism and trust.

We work closely in partnership with clients to ensure smooth, consistent and targeted permanent and contract recruitment across select niche market sectors including:

  • Engineering Recruitment across Technical Recruitment, Construction Recruitment, Mechanical Recruitment, Electronics Recruitment, Purchasing & Logistics Recruitment, FMCG Recruitment, Food & Beverage Recruitment, Health & Safety Recruitment, Building Services Recruitment and Service Engineering Recruitment.
  • Commercial Recruitment across HR Recruitment, Legal Recruitment, Import & Export Recruitment, Mortgage Recruitment, Financial Recruitment, Insurance Recruitment, Accountancy Recruitment & Office Support Recruitment.
  • Health & Medical Recruitment across Nursing Recruitment, Dentistry Recruitment, Regulatory Recruitment and Medical Writing Recruitment, Theatre Recruitment and Health Care Recruitment.
  • Sales & Marketing Recruitment including IT Recruitment, Telecoms Recruitment, Software Sales, Outsourcing Sales, Engineering Sales, and Media Recruitment; and
  • Technology Consultancy Recruitment across IT, Telecoms, ERP, Consultancy and QA Assurance.

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a personalised and flexible recruitment service.

This, coupled with a total commitment to taking the time to truly understand people's needs and requirements, allows us to offer a truly effective, efficient and worthwhile service to both clients and candidates.

We have taken great care to employ staff with the right abilities and qualities - and every consultant at STR conducts his or her relationships with both clients and candidates in an honest, open and professional manner.

We believe that only by understanding the client's unique needs, we will be able to deliver candidates who will add real value to their businesses.

For candidates STR becomes a partner who takes the time to understand individual aspirations. Expertise and market knowledge ensures candidates can find the ideal role.

General comments that raters have made about STR:

1. Comment left on 06/04/2010 16:48
I was utterly disappointed when my recent application was rejected without sending to employer. I reckon that agency showed poor understanding of my professional skills and experience and interpreted incorrectly employer requirements as they were advertised on website.

2. Comment left on 03/05/2008 13:08
I have an ongoing relationship with STR and their hirer which has proved easy to continue in repeat work. Excellent personal support

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