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LogoOperating across the complete marketing spectrum, our dedicated recruitment teams ensure you get the very best in freelance and permanent marketing jobs! We're not your typical marketing recruitment agency and we don't want you to have your 'typical' experience of marketing recruitment. At Stopgap, we pride ourselves on our 'positively different' approach, remaining true to our passionate, pioneering and team-focused values. If you're a client looking for new marketing blood, our freelance and permanent recruitment teams will supply you with the best UK marketing talent time and time again. If you're a candidate looking for great freelance or permanent marketing jobs (and a marketing recruitment agency that genuinely cares), Stopgap is the place for you.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1993
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:International
Industry Sectors Covered:Professional Services,    Arts, Design & Media,    Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Construction and Building,    Consulting Services,    Energy and Natural Resources,    Food and Drink,    Industrial and FMCG,    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Agro),    Retail, Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,    Other,   
Job Areas Covered:Sales and Marketing,   
Mission Statement:


New client or old friend looking for top-notch marketing talent, Stopgap's fresh approach to freelance and permanent marketing recruitment will delight you - we guarantee it!  After all, this is what our reputation as the leading specialists in freelance and permanent marketing recruitment has been built upon over the last 16 years.

Many of Stopgap's recruitment consultants have worked in marketing jobs prior to joining us, making us fully aware of all your possible marketing needs and wants!  Our passion for freelance and permanent marketing recruitment, our knowledge of the marketing industry and our reputation for delivering our promises acts as the benchmark for every marketing job we arrange, freelance and permanent.

Here at Stopgap, we get to know our marketing candidates as well as we know you, whether they're looking for freelance assignments or permanent marketing jobs.  We believe that the better a candidate's personality and values with those of your company, the more fruitful the relationship is likely to be.  The secret to successful marketing recruitment, freelance or permanent, lies in cultural fit.  The secret lies within our expert knowledge of the marketing industry and our passion for filling your marketing jobs time and time again.

Welcome to the world of Stopgap - the freelance and permanent marketing recruitment agency that's Positively Different.     


Here at Stopgap, we're not your ‘typical' marketing recruitment agency and we don't want you to have your ‘typical' marketing recruitment experience.  At Stopgap, we want you to find not just any freelance or permanent marketing job, but the marketing job that suits you best!

Whatever your motivation for contacting us, we hope that these pages will help you to make the right decisions in your search for the most suitable marketing jobs, whether it's a freelance assignment or a permanent marketing role.

We operate within the marketing arena, across the complete spectrum, with specialist recruitment teams covering every industry sector and every marketing discipline.  Whatever marketing jobs you're looking for, whatever you're looking for in a marketing recruitment agency, you'll find it all here at Stopgap, the home of freelance and permanent marketing recruitment. 

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