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LogoDisabled individuals are entitled to the same rights and privileges as the rest of society. STATUS Employment is a registered charity (No. 1064752) that aims to assist disabled people in finding and retaining paid employment. Using a process called supported employment, we have been able to help our candidates to successfully find, and remain, in work. At STATUS, we provide support to people with learning, physical and sensory disabilities and people with mental health issues. We represent many parts of London and have offices in Croydon, and Lambeth.

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We are able to help our candidates find and retain paid employment by using a process called Supported Employment. And this process has brought us much success.

Once it is determined that a candidate meets our eligibility criteria, we begin the registration process. We will spend approximately four to six weeks with a candidate getting to know them, meeting them in our offices, at their homes and at places where they feel comfortable and at ease. We will get to know each candidate individually in order to determine strengths and job and work environment preferences. Once we have completed this process - called a vocational profile - we will begin the job search.

We build relationships with local job centres and we hold weekly job clubs either at our Croydon office or within the local job centres, where candidates are encouraged to peruse the press, use the job points and initiate contact with prospective employers. We work with candidates to create CV's, we conduct mock interviews and in many cases, we attend interviews with candidates. And once in work, candidates are provided with ongoing support according to his or her individual needs.


Our success could not be possible without the support of open-minded employers.

All candidates who come to STATUS are work-ready nd meet our pre-determined eligibility criteria (which may vary according to the type of disability and geographical area). Candidates are strongly encouraged to be honest and open about their disabilities, as this will enable both candidates and employers to receive the ongoing support that is integral to their success on the job. STATUS also carries out risk assessments prior to employment. An additional option is job sampling, whereby a candidate may perform the job on-site in order to demonstrate his or her abilities and show the employer what an application form, CV and interview can not.

Supported Employment

Supported employment relies heavily on a process called systematic instruction, which was established in the United States by Marc Gold. The aim of systematic instruction is to teach both individuals who find it particularly difficult to learn and people with severe disabilities. Supported employment services were established in London and South Wales in 1984, and included creative job matching and on-the-job training on employers' premises.

STATUS Consultants work extensively with candidates to determine the right job for each individual. Once in work, STATUS Consultants provide on-the-job training and/or support - depending on the individual needs of each candidate.

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