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Recruitment In Northern Ireland

The province of Northern Ireland is place full of surprises for the uninitiated. A region of green rolling hills and a coastline of dramatic splendour, with magnificent sandy beaches, Northern Ireland is still in a state of upsurge since they put their troubled times behind them. The cities of Belfast and Londonderry (often referred to as Derry), are vibrant and welcoming, and provide not only great places to live, but are also the main nucleus of the local employment sector.

Northern Ireland has been one of the first UK regions to show signs of recovering from the difficult economic environment, and job seekers are finding more and more opportunities presenting themselves. Although the Northern Irish economy is actually one of the smallest of the four economic regions of the UK as a whole, it is nonetheless a very diverse economy.

Once recognised for its shipbuilding, rope making, and its textile industry, with the overall downturn in manufacturing over recent decades, Northern Ireland has had to re-establish itself, and redefine its economy. It has done this very successfully by developing the hi-tech side of its economy, and its service sector too; particularly the public service sector; but not be forgotten, is its tourism economy, which is a major contributor to the NI economy. Plainly, there is plenty of diversity to be explored by job hunters looking for work.

Let's take a brief look at what drives the tourism market. There is the beautiful walled city of Londonderry, or you can go cruising on the Fermanagh lakes. You can take in the majesty of Carrickfergus Castle, visit the Mourne Mountains, or walk the Giants Causeway. Many people come here to satisfy their nostalgia by seeing the place where Titanic was born in the once world class ship building industry.

Job seekers looking to work in the leisure and hospitality industry that underpins the thriving tourist industry, can register with agencies like MPA Recruitment, who are very active in this particular market, amongst others.

Government subsidies, and the presence of a good, skilled workforce, have both responsible for several large foreign international companies investing in Northern Ireland by locating their headquarters here. The shipbuilding yards of Harland & Wolff still build quality marine vessels, and plane makers Shorts, ( now owned by British Aerospace ), still manufacture quality small aircraft and parts for the aerospace industry; supplying the likes of Rolls Royce and Boeing. Job hunters looking to secure employment in the manufacturing sector have a great network of recruitment agencies to work with including Grafton Recruitment, and Ashton Recruitment.

But undoubtedly the briskest sector in the employment arena of Northern Ireland is the hi-tech and service support industries, and job hunters looking for their first, or their next step on the career ladders can avail themselves of the services of employment consultants such as Diamond IT, and Van Rath Search & Selection.

Northern Ireland is a place full of new hope and energy. Come and be a part of its economic renaissance.

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