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Bristol is one of the top destinations for people relocating in order to find good jobs and a better quality of life. Situated in the south of the UK and sandwiched between the coast and beautiful countryside, the city boasts the European City of the Year award and is now rated as the most sustainable city in the UK. This may explain why Bristol is the only city in the UK to be shortlisted for the European Green Capital Awards.

When looking for jobs in Bristol, there's no shortage of variety or industries to work in. Bristol is well known for its world class science, innovation and creativity sectors. This may be why the mobile phone network provider and retailer, Orange chose Bristol as the location for its UK headquarters and as such is one of the largest employers in Bristol. The national chain of supermarkets known as Somerfield is also one of the biggest employers in Bristol at its headquarters based in the city.

Bristol also has a thriving IT sector where the big players specialise in photonics, semiconductors, wireless communications, software and super grid computing. Alongside Orange, Toshiba and HP Labs all have bases in Bristol as well as smaller world renowned specialists such as Picochip, Clearspeed and Apertio.

The hub of the south west's silicon industry is also based in Bristol, which has the biggest concentration of silicon designers outside of the USA.  People looking for specialist science and IT based jobs will certainly find a large variety in Bristol.

The high technology Aerospace industry is largely based around Bristol providing thousands with employment every year, with nine out of the twelve biggest aerospace companies in the UK choosing to have major facilities there. Not to mention over 700 supply chain companies that supports them.

Bristol is also known for its jobs in the creative sector, employing the largest amount of creatives outside of the capitol and having the fastest growing creative sector in the UK. Job opportunities can be found in the BBC's Natural History Unit based in Bristol and the world famous Oscar winning Aardman Animations, creators of the animation characters, Wallace and Gromit. There is also a large amount of smaller businesses and creative self employed individuals who choose to base themselves in Bristol offering a wealth of opportunity for anyone seeking jobs in a creative industry.

If you're looking for a creative job in Bristol, try Clifton Parke Recruitment who specialise in finding jobs for people in the marketing and the creative sector. Anyone qualified as a lawyer or solicitor could try BCL legal, who are a specialist recruitment agency for law and Redrock Consulting are the Bristol specialists for finding jobs in the IT and Telecommunications industry based in Bristol. Other general recruitment agencies that you could contact in Bristol include Pertemps, G2 Recruitment Solutions, Setsquare Recruitment and Wave Recruitment.

Bristol is also a great city to live in with a wealth of shopping outlets varying from quirky independent retailers to the Mall at Cribs which offers a huge selection of shops and quality restaurants. The night life in Bristol is also outstanding where you can enjoy a glass of Chardonnay in one of Clifton's chic wine bars or have a refreshing pint of local brewed ale in one of the old city's quirky pubs. Bristol definitely has a lot to offer to people who are searching for new employment or a change in life.

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