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Recruitment And Job Search In Edinburgh

Some of us love our work and for those that do Edinburgh is a great place to be. Some of us tolerate our work but then Edinburgh is still a great place to be because working in a pleasant environment always makes the task more bearable and Edinburgh is surely a superb environment to be in.

Edinburgh is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Home to the Scottish parliament, this so called "Athens of the North" is one of the ‘Cities of Enlightenment' and due to its rich historic and cultural heritage, achieved the status of a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995 with over 4,500 listed buildings within the city limits.

The world famous Edinburgh festival is held during 4 weeks in August every year and is a truly entertaining spectacle. People come from all corners of the globe to sample the atmosphere and spectacle of this very special event. It is a major contributor to Edinburgh's tourist industry which in total attracts over 1 million overseas visitors every year. After London, Edinburgh is the number two tourist attraction in the whole of the UK.

With such a huge tourist population, not surprisingly Edinburgh has a very lively hospitality employment scene and offers many opportunities to job seekers. Specialist hospitality industry employment recruiters "The Temp Agency"  are very active in this market sector, and if this is the industry you want to work, then The Temp Agency is a good place to start your search. Another good recruitment agency in this field is Time Recruitment who are also active in other market sectors too and worth checking out. 

Edinburgh has a strong and vital economy the size of which is second only to that of London. The mainstay of their economy is based around the service sector including banking, financial services, education, and of course tourism as already mentioned. With huge strengths in both the insurance and investments markets, and with companies of the likes of Scottish Widows, Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life based here, Edinburgh is known to be the 6th largest financial city in Europe. There are several different recruitment agencies servicing this particular employment market sector including: "Regarding Recruitment", and financial services specialist recruiters DL Recruitment, and Robert Half.

In terms of manufacturing, traditionally Edinburgh has not much of a pedigree. Today's manufacturing flags are born by the brewing industry, publishing, and electronics. But these sectors are now well established and thriving, so vacancies are still prevalent and "Kelly Services" offer workforce management solutions, benefitting both employers and job seekers alike, as does Margaret Hodge recruitment.

The public sector is a major employer, with local government, and the NHS leading the field. Search Total Recruitment Solutions operate strongly in these sectors (along with several other sectors as well) and are well worth approaching if either of these fields appeal to you.

If by the way you are a resident of Edinburgh, but are thinking of spreading your wings to see what around elsewhere in the world, check out "Think Global Recruitment". They place people the internationally and are successful in doing so.

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