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Recruitment And Employment In Wakefield

Just a short distance from surrounding well known areas of Leeds, Sheffield and Barnsley there is lots of history surrounding the area of Wakefield in West Yorkshire built from Vikings, Anglo Saxons, and Romans (not particularly within Wakefield though evidence of Romans comes from outlying towns) with many places within this Yorkshire region showing evidence of the Vikings and Anglo Saxon settlers in the names of villages and towns here from as early known times as the pre 1066 battles.

With Wakefield one of the richest and largest market towns in the North of England, in the early to mid 1200's the working population here were deeply involved in woollen trades and cattle dealing which brought visitors in to the markets, with coal mining being a main part of the industry formed at this time. A very prosperous town, it became a city later on in the 1800's thanks to its Cathedral.

Wakefield is deemed a very strong and popular city that continues to thrive through the loss of many jobs throughout the 1970's and 1980's, before which the woollen and textile trades as well as coal mining were the main types of employment, in addition to the glass and engineering sectors.

Today, the main employment sector in the area is distribution ( for transport and logistics try Recruitment Driven based a few miles out of central Wakefield in Ossett ) as well as restaurant and hotels, however as such a large city there are plenty of job opportunities in a variety of job fields.

For job seekers searching for roles and wish to find a larger range of vacancies, Meridian Business Support offer assistance in many area's, they can be found at Radcliffe Place, and another independent agency to note is First Choice Recruitment and can be visited at 22 Silver Street.

However, should a person wish to look for a recruitment specialist who has a good presence in engineering and industrial sectors, then Equality People pride themselves on their job finding capabilities in their selection of job opportunities and are based on Castle Gate in Wakefield or Barnsley Road in South Elmsall.

The administration, public and health sectors are the second most popular employment sectors in the area with finance and banking, along with manufacturing being popular areas to work here too. For roles in such areas, the local council host their jobs website called Wakefield Careers. 

Whilst some industries declined the rise of other employment sectors has become clear, The City's modern industries and a great friendly place to live and work, and there are so many agencies in Wakefield and in surrounding towns, even in the close Cities like York and Leeds you can find agencies to register with that cover a great range of vacancies in bustling Wakefield.

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