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Recruitment And Employment In Dundee

We all have to go to work to earn a crust (well most of us do anyway), but it makes life so much easier, and more pleasant too, to be in nice surroundings and with plenty of employment variety to choose from. The Scottish city of Dundee (fourth largest city on Scotland, and renowned for its famous Dundee Cake), provides just that.

Dundee stands on the north bank of the River Tay which filters down into the North Sea. Known as the city of discovery, Dundee has strong links with its historic scientific background, through the RRS Discovery, Scott's Antarctic exploration vessel, built in Dundee where it is now moored, it has been a symbol of the steady growth of strong Biomedical and technological sectors.

Dundee has recently gone "Hi-tech", and is now home to over 10% of the UK's digital entertainment industry. Jack's Hoose Music, conceived and managed by Ged Grimmes, is a major player in the computer games arena where they create specialized musical tracks for the world market in video gaming. The International Centre for Computer Games and Virtual Entertainment opened in the year 2000, adding its strength to buoying up the Hi-tech employment sector. Other additions to the Hi-tech pool are Real Time Worlds who have increased their workforce by 40% and a leading US Life Sciences corporation who have decided to base their operations in Dundee. Job hunting in the Hi-tech employment sector is therefore very lively, and recruiters "Search Total Recruitment Solutions" have their finger well and truly on this particular pulse.

In overall statistical terms for employment, the largest sector is the wholesale and retail sector which accounts for 16.6& of the job total in the city. Second comes the Health and Social work industry which accounts for 15%. The third largest employment sectors, employing 12.7% of the total job count are Public Administration, the Defence sector and Social Security. Between 2004 to 2008, Dundee saw significant increases in the growth of the employment sector overall, with Health and Social Working leading the charge, followed closely by the transport, storage, and communication industries. One of the top recruitment consultancies in Dundee is Key Personnel. They have a very broad remit across all employment market sectors and if you are in the process of job hunting in the Dundee area, it would be well worth registering with them.

As regards the largest actual employers (as opposed to employment sectors), the biggest are HHS Tayside, The City Council, and the University of Dundee. Dundee has two universities, the other being the University of Abertay. Recruitment Agency ASAP Recruitment specialise in placements of graduates and also field vacancies in campus recruitment as well as medical recruitment.

As far as the private sector of the economy is concerned, the largest employers in the city are Tesco, BT, and DC Thomson. The latter, (DC Thomson), are a large publishing house that has been established in Dundee for many years and amongst its notable publications are the children's comics the Dandy and the Beano. The private sector comprises of companies working across many different industries, and the broad sweep of job agencies such as Adecco, and Brook Street are well suited to help job seekers in any one of these market sectors

Dundee also has a thriving tourism sector, and this lively niche employment market is well served by several of the local recruitment agencies including Avenue Scotland who have one of their three offices based here in Dundee.

Dundee like many other of our major cities has been hit by the economic downturn, but with such a diversity of vacancies across so many fields, there are always position waiting to be filled.

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