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Looking For Work In The North East

Job seekers living in the North East can count themselves very fortunate to dwell in an area of stunning natural beauty, but that is also emerging as one of the UK's top, innovative regions. The magnificence of Hadrian's Wall, the majesty of the Cheviots, the splendour that is the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the sheer scenic delight of Roseberry Topping, Captain Cooks Monument, Durham Cathedral and The Angel of The North. With its superb architecture and rich heritage, these are just some of the fine examples of what can be seen in this spectacular region.

The North East region has a strong tourist industry as a direct result of the abundance of its beautiful countryside, and the fascinating and historically important sites it contains. The infrastructure that supports tourism in the region accounts for 7% of the local workforce.

The North East has strong ties to the manufacturing industry going back to the famous Jarrow march, and as with the rest of the UK, it has seen the slow erosion of its heavy industry roots. However, with the strong driving force of the North East Development Agency, many new businesses are flourishing and foreign investments, such as the Nissan Plant in Sunderland are testament to the regions success.

Continual innovation has seen the manufacturing base stabilise, and new growth is now evident. Job seekers who are keen to embrace the industrial traditions in regional employment can seek new job opportunities through the many top rate employment agencies such as Central Employment at St Marys Place in Newcastle and the Northern Recruitment Group found in Lloyds Court on Grey Street, Newcastle. Both employment agencies cover a wide range of employment sectors fielding many job opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

As well as the manufacturing sector, which accounts for the lion's share of the economy, other strong contributors are the service sector, the public sector, with the newly emerging hi-tech innovation sector coming up strongly on the rails.

For example the North East is the one of the UK's brightest beacons of development for low carbon electric vehicles; it is a leading and important test bed for future energy sources such as wind power, wave and tidal energy, and photovoltaics; it is at the forefront of stem cell research and genetic engineering, and the Teeside University has been voted as one of the top two modern universities in the country. For vacancies at the Uni, they advertise on their own website at

The redevelopment of the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside is a stunning achievement, and the Angel of the North stands tall in testament to the spirit, entrepreneurship and the irrepressible tenacity of the North Easterners. Job hunters who are looking to focus their careers in these new innovative market sectors are well served by a network of fine recruitment specialists including the likes of Corepeople Recruitment, who have a few offices with their head office situated in Durham, and NES UK with offices all over, including one in Gateshead, whose featured clients include Network Rail, BP and Centrica.

Working in the North East can be rewarding, and for those with career prospects looking to work in a vibrant area with opportunity a plenty the region is a great place to relocate to.

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