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Jobs In The North West

The North West of England is not only a region of unsurpassed natural beauty, but it is also one of the UK's most important economic sectors, and boasts an economy that is larger than that of 15 EU countries. Even in this time of economic downturn, it is still one of the country's top regions to be in if you are a job hunter.

Quality of life doesn't get any better than here in the North West. You have the best of both worlds. From the internationally acclaimed beauty of the Lake District, to the vibrant and exciting city life that the cosmopolitan cities of Manchester and Liverpool offer. But in addition to this wonderful quality of life, the North West enjoys an economy which is not only diverse, but it is expanding, thanks to the drive of the NWDS (the North West Development Agency). What better conditions could any job seeker wish for?

The tourist industry alone accounts for a substantial amount of earnings contributing an enormous £14.3 billion to the region's annual economy. With over 1,400Km of unspoilt coastline, the unparalleled beauty of the Lake District, (the largest National Park in the country), the majesty of the North Pennines, 3 recognised areas of outstanding natural beauty, and 32 nature reserves, its success is hardly surprising.

But it is, in fact, largely due to the success of a tourist industry infrastructure that continually strives to reach new heights in offering travellers a tourist experience to rival that of any of the world's great visitor destinations. There are several employment agencies operating within the tourist industry employment sector, and recruitment consultants Masterstaff are a fine example - they have offices all over, including in Cumbria, Lancaster, Blackpool and Hull.

It may surprise some people to discover that the North West is the UK's largest manufacturing region, and the aerospace industry alone is a prominent player, being responsible for designing over 100 aircraft. Companies such as BAE Systems and Rolls Royce are just two of the well known businesses operating in this market sector.

The region is also a leader in the nuclear engineering stakes, and continues to expand with plans for a new centre in Manchester, and a new test complex in the planning for Cumbria. The North East has also gained world recognition for its biologics community, comprising of several world renowned multi-national companies. Such a diverse employment marketplace requires the services of an excellent network of recruiters, and job seekers can rely on agencies the likes of Ruth Halliday Associates found on York Street in Manchester, and The Works Specialist Recruitment agency who are based on Barkerend Road in Bradford, and who cover lots of industry vacancies in the North West region.

The North West also boasts a healthy hi-tech business sector and is actually rated a being the second largest media hub in Europe. With an excellent range of schools and universities, there are plenty of young people coming through the education system, training their attentions towards this vibrant industry. Employment agencies that are active in this particular niche include Bluefire Consulting who have offices in Liverpool, Manchester, London and in other regions. Another to mention at this point is M People Recruitment found on Bradford Road in Cleckheaton.

One of the great things about the North West region from a job seekers perspective, is the fact that the economy is expanding, albeit modestly, even under today's poor economic climate, and as the recovery begins to take effect, employment opportunities are set to explode.

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