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Job Searching In Cumbria

Think of Cumbria and you will almost inevitably conjure up visions of a landscape of outstanding natural beauty, the Lake District, and a tourist's dream destination. You would be absolutely right of course; but perhaps it might shock you to know that Cumbria is also an area of excellent employment opportunity in a mixture of economic disciplines, including manufacturing.

Job seekers who live in Cumbria, or who are thinking about relocating to Cumbria, may be pleasantly surprised to realise that the area is a specialist location for nuclear ship building, and specialist engineering. When you stop to analyse what the county has to offer today's demanding job hunter, you will be guaranteed to have to re-evaluate your preconceived notions.

Cumbria is actually Britain's second largest county, and on its own, it accounts for an enormous 48% of the north-western land mass. The local economy is responsible for employing nearly one quarter of a million people in over 20,000 businesses, whose combined annual turnover exceeds 6.7 billion pounds. The majority of the working population are employed in the tourism related activities, but also in manufacturing and local, regional government.

The tourism sector is of great importance to the Cumbrian economy, and provides over 22,000 posts for people from all walks of life. The tourist industry alone is responsible for generating over £1.1 billion worth of revenue. Riverside Recruitment on Warwick Road in Carlisle provides an unrivalled service in placing candidates into the tourist sector, fielding both temporary and permanent positions. But they are also active in other employment sectors and if you are job seeking in the Cumbrian region, it is well worth registering with these guys. Another exciting online agency that specialises in placing people in the bubbling tourism sector is Cumbria Jobs Online and their aim is to place job seekers in the very best employment positions in what is after all one of the country's most famous and best loved tourist regions (this recruiter does not have an office you can visit but certainly specialises in jobs in the area so isn't a ten-a-penny online recruiter!).

The manufacturing and construction industry in Cumbria has a bustling employment sector, and is very well served by agencies the likes of Simmond's Recruitment based in Barrow in Furness, this one of the leading agencies matching job hunters to specific vacancies in the manufacturing sector in the surrounding area.

The Cumbrian County Council is one of the largest employers in the county. The range of jobs in local government is wide and varied from various unskilled positions to the professions including finance, HR, legal, and social working.

The town of Workington situated on the east coast beside the river Derwent presents an oasis of opportunity for employment in several different sectors following initiatives to invest in the region. These initiatives have seen the establishment of the British Cattle Movement Service, and of course the nuclear industry around Sellafield in nearby Whitehaven. This provides a rare opportunity for employment in the nuclear energy sector; one of the most exciting industries on the future, and with the planned restructuring of the atomic power industry, the future is looking bright.

BBC news has recently issued a report heralding the continuance of improvement in the overall Cumbrian economy and with planned diversification going ahead; new jobs are expected to be created in the hi-tech and service industry sectors. So job seekers hoping to find employment in the region should enrol with agencies like Adecco to be kept up to date with the latest vacancies coming onto the market.

Edgar Cowen in Bourne House on Milbourne Street is one of the newer recruitment agencies in the region and has a great portfolio of clients. Originally set up as a specialist IT staff recruitment agency, they responded to the demands of the oil, gas, and construction industries, and are often commissioned to seek new staff in these sectors.

Cumbria is so rich in natural beauty that it is a truly stunning place to live, and with the revival of the employment economy, it can also be a great place to work too.

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