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Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland and holds the devolved government and legislative assembly in Northern Ireland. As the capital, the city of Belfast alone has a population of 267,000 and as such has many different jobs available to workers.

Belfast is home to strong financial, telecoms and software sectors that are leading the way in the respect of creativity and innovation globally. Other sectors of excellence in Belfast include advanced manufacturing and creative industries. Some Globally renowned employers have bases in Belfast including Bombardier Aerospace, Fujitsu, Citigroup and Microsoft.

Over 20,000 people work in Belfast's financial services sector in companies such as the Allstate Corporation, Citi, Liberty Mutual, HBOS and Wombat Financial Software along with many other local businesses. Interestingly, an innovation cooperation scheme has been introduced which allows finance related companies that are based in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, to expand into Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular to remedy their shortage of skilled workers from this sector.

Call and Contact centres are in abundance in the city due to the Belfast being recognised as a leading international contact centre location. Some of the companies that have already invested this way in Belfast include HBOS, Gem, Abbey and HCL.

Growing rapidly over the last few years, Belfast's ICT sector has become one of the most developed in the UK with specialist companies employing professionals in software development, mobile communications, ecommerce, financial services and the internet. Major companies from this sector including BT and Nortel Networks have chosen Belfast as their base for their software operations.

Cutting edge research into areas like genomic, proteomics and oncology has led to a strong growth in Belfast's life and health technology sector. Sales and overall employment levels have almost doubled in the last few years in Belfast offering a land of promise to scientists and technicians looking for work.

Key employers in the manufacturing industry in Belfast include Delta Packaging and Bombardier Aerospace who have helped the success of the cities traditional manufacturing sector which is still strong today. 76% of total exports from Northern Ireland are still from the manufacturing sector.

One of Belfast's fastest growing sectors is the Creative industries sector. Over 17,000 people are currently employed in over 1,000 creative businesses in the city. Belfast is leading the way in marketing, graphic design, web design and other creative fields where companies' turnovers vary from £30,000 to £15 million. Success stories in the city include Rogue Rocket, Awakin, Net-Finity and Inferno.

Altmore IT is a recruitment agency that specialises in finding IT jobs for workers in Belfast. Other recruitment agencies based in the city of Belfast include Apple Recruitment Services, Abacus Professional Recruitment, Kennedy Recruitment, and Advance Recruitment Services.

With two major airports and a seaport, Belfast is not only well connected to the mainland UK and the rest of the world but also offers plenty of jobs in the aviation and shipping sectors. Belfast has many different job opportunities from many different sectors and has benefited tremendously from the IRA ceasefire and the peace process as it has now become a great and safe place to both live and work.

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