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The university city of Durham is in the North East of England just thirteen miles outside of Sunderland. Traditionally known as an industrial region, the Northeast was famous for heavy engineering including ship building. Durham city was known in particular for steel and coal mining.

Following the loss of much of heavy industry to other countries, and the national aversion to the burning of fossil fuels (coal in particular), Durham has had to look for new industries to repair the hole left in its economy, but manufacturing is still the largest single employer in the area accounting for over 29% of the regional workforce, with Cummins and Nissan being the two largest single employers in the region, providing a great cross section of both office and factory work.

The Durham of today is a lively city presenting job seekers with ample opportunities for employment in the different sectors of its economy, including the public sector as well as numerous recruitment agencies. As well as the well known and respected University, Durham is home to a men's prison, and the offices of HM Revenue and customs, all providing further employment prospects to those on the lookout for work. The education sector is one of the largest components of the overall public sector and Durham University in particular is one of the UK's leading research universities. It is the city's third largest employer, employing over 3000 employees.  Jobs at Durham University are advertised and can be applied for on their website

But the biggest success of more recent times is actually the construction industry. The Durham 2020 vision has brought with it an ever increasing number of projects to modernize, expand, and make Durham more attractive and tourist friendly. This continues to be  an invaluable  source of new and ongoing work for  the construction industry sector which now employs more than 10% of the available workforce, more than double the number than in 1998. With more growth planned and budgeted for under the 2020 vision, the construction industry will continue to thrive and expand, and will prove a tempting target for job hunters. Though not situated within Durham city, Tempest Recruitment covers the area and specializes in supplying staff to the construction industry (found in the Skinnergate area of nearby Darlington) with the engineering sector jobs being found at MPS Ltd on Woodland Road.

The 2020 vision project has been, and continues to be, a resounding success, and is creating more opportunity, attracting more people to the area, and providing jobs for them too. 

There are now over 120 companies based in Durham from 21 separate foreign countries of the world; so as well as attracting UK investors, it is also attracting foreign investors too.

The single largest employer however is the Durham Unitary Authority.  This new authority was launched in 2008 and basically replaced the old County Council. Its remit is to look after the 500,000 inhabitants of the region who come under its jurisdiction in County Durham. The authority employs over 22,000 personnel of various skills to administer this responsibility. So job seekers who want to get into local authority, or who already have experience in this sphere, will be sought after.

In the healthcare employment sector, County Durham and Darlington Priority Services NHS Trust is the main employer with over 5,000 personnel.

Durham achieved Unesco World Heritage Site status in 1986 and has a thriving tourist and retail trade to show for it. With plenty of new opportunity for job seekers, this market sector employs over 13% of the local available workforce.

Durham continues to be one of the UK's shining lights and a land of opportunity for determined job hunters.

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