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Job Hunting And Recruitment In Leicester

Leicester is the most populated city in the East Midlands with over 285,000 inhabitants in the city proper, and over 441,000 in the greater Leicester Urban area. Today there is a large ethnic minority percentage. It is one of the oldest cities in the UK, tracing its roots back for over 2000 years. It was a major Roman settlement and with the advent of the canals and railways in the era of the industrial revolution, Leicester developed its reputation in the engineering industry. Home to a strong Co-op movement, the famous Jarrow marchers stopped off in Leicester and the union movement, which welcomed and supported them, changed the marcher's boots before their final walk on London. This established the early links of a strong and focused employment sector, the principles and traditions of which still live on in the city of today.

Leicester has two universities, (the University of Leicester and the De Montfort University), both of which play a major role in supplying job opportunities in the education sector of Leicester's economic structure.

The major high street retailer Next has their headquarters on the outskirts of the city. This iconic brand, which is now one of the high street's favourite places to shop, is one of the leading employers in Leicester providing sought after careers and jobs in clothing design, sales, marketing and distribution.

Distribution has played a large part in Leicester's economic growth thanks mainly to its close proximity to the M1. Not only has distribution and logistics grown as a market sector, with plenty of opportunities for job seekers, but a lot of companies have made their homes in and around Leicester to take advantage of its great transport links to both London and the South, as well as the Midlands and the North.

Manufacturing is still an important part of Leicester's economy. Companies like Druck Holdings, who employ nearly 1,000 staff in the manufacture of electronic measuring products); The Sytner Group, employing over 750 staff in the retail manufacturing sector; Aggregate Industries, who are a global engineering company with a presence in Leicester, Otis (the elevator manufacturer) keep the manufacturing and engineering industry thriving in the region, providing training, apprenticeships and jobs.  Hays Construction and Property are a recruitment agency that covers engineering, manufacturing, facilities management as well as others and can be found on Horsefair Street.

In the banking and financial services sector, Leicester plays home to the Alliance and Leicester Building Society who is a major employer in the region and a great stepping stone for job seekers looking to enter the financial services employment sector. Reed Accountancy (amongst other recruitment agencies) can assist with vacancies within banking and financial industries.

Leicester has long since had a thriving food manufacturing sector with Walkers Crisps probably being the most well known name that springs to mind. The crisp factories have now relocated, but the pies and sausages are still made in Leicester. Other known names in foods include: Express Dairies, Freshna Bakeries, Healds Foods, and Pukka Pies, all employing a substantial percentage of the local workforce and providing new openings to job hunters - Barker Ross is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Leicester covering jobs within manufacturing and production as well as many more work areas, they can be found on De Montfort Street.

The shoe industry is also well alive and kicking (ahem!) with companies like Stead & Simpson and Bensons Shoes flying the flag. In all honesty Leicester has a lot to offer job hunters across a range of industries and in both factory and office based work. Although slightly unfashionable, it is good to see that the UK does still have some serious manufacturing capabilities as represented nowhere better than here in Leicester. But with very active education, finance, and service sectors too, Leicester provides a comprehensive cross section of employment opportunities.

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