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Finding A Job In The City Of London

The City of London is actually a very small place, not to be confused with London as a whole, or what we know today as Greater London. The city itself is the inner sanctum which traces its roots back to Roman times, and although it is very small in terms of area (approximately 1 square mile); it is the heart of one of the world's premier financial institutions, ranked alongside New York and Tokyo. As the sixth largest city economy in the world, and the 2nd largest in Europe, "the mile" is responsible for a staggering 20% on the UK's GDP.

This "inner sanctum", whilst it does have many other business types within it, is mostly concentrated on we call today "the professions", which includes amongst others, the financial sector (comprising banking, investment banking, insurance, and brokering), and the legal sector, both going together hand in glove. 

Job hunters looking to gain entrance into this niche of the employment market, or who are looking to further their already established careers, tend to be la crème de la crème, as they jostle amongst themselves for the highest paid and most promising career paths. Some of the best may be contacted by professional head hunters, such as Knight Hamilton found at 60 Cannon Street, though some vacancies can be found using top recruitment agencies.

If you aspire to join this very competitive band of people, you will need a good quality degree, and a first class CV, all backed up by a dynamic personality with burning drive and ambition. If this is you, and you are ready for a tough fight, your next step is to find the best recruitment specialist that is upwardly active within your chosen profession.

Because "the city" is such a small area, opportunities tend to get snatched up pretty quickly, which is another reason that it is so important to find the right agency. Most job seekers will register with several good job agencies that operate and excel within their chosen sector, as this gives then the best opportunity for being made aware of any new opportunities that crop up.

But if you are targeting one of the larger employers, it is always worth investigating to establish whether they recruit directly themselves, or whether they outsource. If they recruit directly, your best bet is to try and register your CV with them, (Goldman Sachs is a good example), and if they outsource, try and establish who their chosen agencies are and then ensure that they have your CV and your current contact details.

Within the finance sector, the best agencies include Hamilton Chase at 120 Cannon Street, who have an enviable reputation in the city finance employment market, and Morgan McKinley who are active in both the private and public industry finance sectors, whose offices are at Wellington House at 125 Strand (WC2R).

Of course all businesses require administrative support by way of receptionists, secretaries and personal assistants etc, and with hundreds of businesses packed into the city sector, there are plenty of opportunities for job seekers hoping to find employment in these administrative positions. With many excellent recruitment specialists covering this sector of the employment market, a good way of finding the right agency to suit your search criteria is to check in at the useful online directory service at 1st 4 jobs in London.

The humorously named Secs in the City recruitment agency can be found in Kensington Village on Avonmore Road (W14), they list an abundance of secretarial and complimentary roles, like office Managers and PA's that are vacant within the City of London.

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