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Finding A Job And Working In York

The city of York is a superb place to live and work. Situated in the county of North Yorkshire on the rivers Ouse and Foss, York is a fabulous example of a walled city (much of which is still intact) and is steeped in political history and rich in heritage. As an important Roman settlement and a religious bastion of the Church of England, the city has a wealth of architecture to be admired including Roman built walls, and the cathedral York Minster. If you are a job seeker living here is this beautiful city, you couldn't be in better surroundings.

The arrival of the railway did much to further boost York's prominence as one of England's major cities. The North Eastern Railway (NER) established their headquarters and works facility here and the Railway Museum is a testament to that important growth period.

Let's not forget the chocolate industry that began as Rountrees (which owed much of its development to worldwide distribution by rail) and is now part of Nestle, home of the famous Yorkie bar and later joined by Terry's, manufacturers of the well known Terry's All Gold brand and Terry's Oranges.

We digress, in simple terms with its enormous treasure trove of architecture, heritage and history York has developed a booming tourist industry that currently employs over 10% of the city's workforce. As a result the hospitality employment sector is a busy and vibrant place and job seekers looking in this market sector will have plenty of choice vacancies for consideration. There are several agencies that job seekers can check out for positions in this market sector, particularly Beaver Employment on High Oustgate in the City centre who are not just active across all of the various employment sectors but also have a strong offering in this particularly bustling recruitment marketplace.

York lost most of its manufacturing industry to the developing cities of Leeds, Bradford and Hull and as a result has redeveloped its own industry into the service sector which now accounts for 88% of the total workforce. The largest single employer in the city is York City Council with over 7,500 employees and you can find their vacancies listed at When job hunting for roles in the service sector, the busiest sector for job opportunities then Bridge Recruitment on Piccadilly which as recruitment goes is a hugely active industry in this field. 

Also found on Picadilly is Royle Recruitment which services the employment sector. Higher education in York is prominent and it boasts two universities, (The University of York, and York St John University) plus York College, The College of Law and York Medical School, as well as seventeen boarding schools so the employment sector is understandably quite large here and as a job seeker you will be pleased to hear that it is well serviced by not only Royle Recruitment but a number of alternative recruitment agencies.

The fastest growing market sector in recent years has been the Hi-Tech sector with 80 new Hi-Tech businesses being founded in the last nine years. KHS Personnel are one of many agencies actively fielding vacancies in this new business sector. Job seekers can send them their CVs via email, register with online and subscribe to their email job alert service or this is another agency you can find in the popular recruitment area of Piccadilly.

Quite simply York has a long and strong employment history in employment in varying sectors and in addition to a small though lively industrial and engineering economic sector here, job seekers will find Future Select Recruitment Consultants are one of the agencies that specialise in engineering vacancies. Job seekers resident in and around York are not only blessed with a superb environment socially speaking, and also have a strong employment industry to be thankful for too.

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