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Finding A Job And Recruitment In Lancashire

Lancashire is one of the great historic counties of England, famous amongst other things for the War of Roses, when the Red Rose of Lancashire battled the White Rose of Yorkshire for supremacy. Today, Lancashire (which took its name from what is still the county town of Lancaster), is a bustling county full of both history and modern industry. It's a great place to both live and work and is one of the best places in the country for job hunters seeking new or alternative employment.

The economy was once based on mining and spinning. There were a great many coal mines where miners toiled below the surface excavating coal to keep families warm and to provide the power for industry. A massive 85% of all of Britain's imported cotton came into to Lancashire via the towns of Accrington, Blackburn and Burnley where it was processed, and together, coal and cotton were the mainstays of Lancashire's economy. Today Lancashire is still one of the most industrialized areas in the UK, and provides a wide variety of openings in the manufacturing sector in both traditional shop floor apprenticeship professions, and white collar administrative and management positions too.

Local employers within the county include BAE Defense Systems, who advertise career opportunities on their own website. Also in the area are other large companies like Rolls Royce, with the Nuclear Industry represented by the Springfield Plant run by Westinghouse, and Heysham Nuclear Power Station operated by British Energy.

Other industrial giants include Leyland and DAF Trucks. As well as advertising vacancies on their website one of the recruitment specialists that excels in the industrial recruitment sector (amongst other recruitment sectors), is The Works Recruitment Service which largely covers Lancashire roles from their Manchester office on Charlotte Street. They have a great range of positions across many of the industrial employers in both traditional shop floor skills as well as management roles. If you are a job hunter looking for work in the industrial sector (blue or white collar), Lancashire is a great place to be and "The Works" are an excellent agency to register with.

The agricultural sector in Lancashire has waned in the latter part of the 20th century, but the early years of the 21st century have seen it recover somewhat. But the single biggest success story of recent times (as with much of the country), has been the service sector. In terms of financial output, the service sector has grown from £7,984M to £12,560M, a staggering growth of over nearly 60% between 1995 and 2003 when the last survey was taken.

Another large employer in Lancashire is local government and the health and social help services. The infrastructure has been well designed and provides great coverage across the county. Between them, local government accounts for over 40,000 employees, whilst the health and social work sector accounts for over 80,000 employees. If you are a job seeker interested in either of these market niches there are plenty of opportunities to be found and online job agencies such as Premiere People, and Clayton Recruitment have plenty of interesting, well paid roles on their books.  Enroll with them today and have a browse through the many quality vacancies they are fielding.

Lancashire also has a bubbling tourist trade. Blackpool with its famous tower and its wonderful illuminations is the flagship. The West Pennine Moors is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is one of the most popular walking destinations in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Lancashire every year, all year round, and the tourist industry is another key economic sector and employer in the county. The tourist employment sector is always lively and is served well by agencies such as Claire Gibson Associates found on Preston New Road in Blackburn. Why not take a look at their website and register for updates on jobs in the sectors you are interested in?

Lancashire also boasts a fine education sector and the county town of Lancaster has no less than four universities on offer to wannabe students and graduates. Specialist recruitment agency Ruth Halliday is very active in this sector and major of the local placement of graduates seeking career opportunities in Lancashire.

Lancashire is one of England's finest counties, full of beautiful scenery, and welcoming people. With its vibrant employment market it is both a superb place to live and an exciting place to work in and develop your career.

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