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Employment In Cornwall

When visiting Cornwall, it is evident still from its stunning scenery that the area in the South West has a very rich and long history built mainly from its traditional mining past. The Cornish technology was distributed internationally, and although there are no working mines today, visitors can still experience the mining industry that made for a successful and rapid growth to the area.

Some areas around Cornwall have been rewarded with World Heritage Site status which allows the sites and the area's landscapes to be preserved and enjoyed by many, hopefully for many years into the future. There are plenty of family attractions today in the area, as well as fantastic award winning museums and famous castles and cliff top theatres.

For people working here today, the area is steeped in history and brings in many tourists every year. The Cornish people are very independent and proud of the history and heritage that has built up in the area, and King Arthurs connections here mean the heritage and interest in the area for many is fascinating.

Hard work from traditional agriculture have made the area what it is, and the beauty of the place is that there are no main bustling Cities here. Truro is a well known town and although it's a vibrant good looking area, with great nightlife and plenty of bars and restaurants, it's not a city and does get quiet in winter time so for those looking for permanent work and considering relocating to the area, it is worth realising that living here is not at all similar to holidaying here. However there are lots of places worth visiting on days off.

To begin a job search in Cornwall, it is worth knowing that the Western Morning News produces its job pages each Thursday - this is a widely available newspaper which is distributed across the area and neighbouring county of Devon.

In St Austell, one of Cornwalls largest towns, you might find more residents than tourists although it is an ideal base for some of the more quiet beaches. Because of its size, the town is also an ideal base for finding and registering at local recruitment agencies. At 2a East hill you will find Cornwall Staff Agency who advertise roles available in the Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality sectors.

On 5 Church Street in St Austell is AC1 Recruitment, offering permanent and temporary vacancies in many sectors such as construction, call centre / telesales and progammers, and cover jobs in other parts of Cornwall.

Cornwall and Devon are great places for students. The University of Exeter has a campus here, and the University College Falmouth is a well known education base. If you are considering working within the education sector in this beautiful place, then Supply Teachers Direct can be found on 3 Palace Road in St Austell. They can be contacted via telephone on 01726 66140.

The area is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of other cities within the UK and an ideal spot for temporary seasonal work, relocating here would certainly make for a  quieter life though summer time is lively and the climate here almost tropical.

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