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Employment And Working In Canterbury

Canterbury is one of England's most delightful cities, and you'll find it situated in the beautiful Kent countryside often referred to as the "garden of England". The city has a rich history stemming from its early Roman heritage, to the first Episcopal See, establishing the first Archbishop of Canterbury and the focal head of the English Anglican church. The infamous murder of Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral in 1170 made it a Christian pilgrimage target, spawned Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and established Canterbury as one of England's leading tourist cities. For job hunters, Canterbury provides a bustling stage for recruitment with over 4,500 businesses employing over 60,000 full and part-time employees in a diversity of occupations and industries.

With such a vivid history, Canterbury has naturally developed a very healthy tourist trade, so if your job hunting in this particular market niche you will find plenty of vacancies being advertised all year round. However, tourism being somewhat seasonal, you can expect to find most recruitment activity taking place in the spring and early summer; but British day trippers do visit throughout the year.

Canterbury's largest employment sector is in the public sector and this is as a result of the two universities (Canterbury Christ Church University College and the University of Kent), plus the College of Further Education and the Art College.  The University of Kent is one of the largest employers in the county and offers a great working environment, set amongst top class academic surroundings, with some of the latest state of the art equipment. They offer flexi time roles, great pay scales and generous holiday allowances.

Canterbury is also home to the East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust Headquarters, which is another of the regions largest employers. This healthcare operation is at the forefront of medical science and knowledge. They offer some of the best care in the country and employ the very best quality of personnel to help them to maintain their standards and to justify the trust placed in them by the British public in Kent. They employ a diverse team of Doctors, Nurses, Support staff, and a large administration team, and are always looking out for new employees to boost their skilled workforce. One particular recruitment agency, Nurse Plus UK, specialises in placements within the healthcare sector in the Canterbury region and can be found on Gordon Road.

The retail sector in Canterbury is quite unique. It is a subtle blend of Ye Olde Worlde charm and elegance, and new 21st century modernity, sitting happily side by side. The old shopping centre is situated in the King's Mile set amongst some of the most beautiful architecture to be seen anywhere in the world. This is not only a shopping paradise but it is also a major contributor to Canterbury's tourist trade. For a more contemporary shopping experience there is the White Friars shopping precinct. Large department stores include Marks & Spencer and Fenwicks. Employment prospects in the retail sector are excellent so job seekers in this niche are well catered for. There are several excellent recruitment agencies around town that offer a great choice of vacancies across the various employment sectors.  These agencies include: Early Recruitment Ltd, Farrer Barnes (accountancy and executive, found on St Georges Street), Mars Recruitment (staffing at all levels of experience), Career Line, and the Job Centre Plus.

Paper manufacturing and paper related products and processes are amongst the well established industries in and around Canterbury, offering various general admin and factory/warehouse employment opportunities for job seekers.

All in all, Canterbury has a diverse range of employment opportunities; so whether your interest is just general, or public sector, education, local government, or healthcare, there is plenty of choice for all.

Happy hunting!

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