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Careers and Job Search In Glasgow

Although Glasgow is not the capital of Scotland, it is the largest city in Scotland and the third most populated in the UK and, as such, is brimming with career choices from various different sectors.

Glasgow is the largest economy in Scotland and is at the centre of West Central Scotland's metropolitan area. There are over 12,000 companies based in the city employing more than 410,000 people and still showing a tremendous growth rate in the availability of new jobs.

The old manufacturing industries like engineering and shipbuilding that once made the city famous have now slowed down and paved the way for its new diversified economy. Glasgow has seen significant growth in tertiary sectors including biosciences, communications, retail, health care, creative industries, tourism, higher education, business and financial services. In particular there has been a huge growth in the financial sector in Glasgow. It even has its own financial district located to the western edge of the city centre called the International Financial Services District which is the third largest financial quarter in the United Kingdom. Eight out of the ten largest UK general Insurance companies have a base in Glasgow including AXA, Norwich Union, Esure and Direct Line.

There are also big employers in the form of major banks who have located some of their service centres to Glasgow including Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Resolution, Abbey, JP Morgan, HBOS, Paribas, BNP, Clydesdale Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB.

There are many other companies and organisations offering employment based in the financial district including the Ministry of Defence that has several departments based there. Others that have chosen the Financial Services District in Glasgow to locate their headquarters include Scottish Enterprise, the Glasgow Stock Exchange, the Student Loans Company, the Scottish Qualifications Authority, the Transport and Lifelong Learning Department and the Scottish Executive Enterprise.

The International Financial Services District in Glasgow is certainly the place to look when seeking employment in the financial sector with so many varied and large employers based there.

Glasgow offers a plethora of different companies and industries you can work in from Media based jobs at the headquarters of BBC Scotland, based in the new Glasgow Science Centre to engineering jobs available at the renowned BAE Systems shipyards on the River Clyde. A major employer in precision engineering based in the Govan district is Thales Optronics. In fact, Glasgow is part of the Silicon Glen high technology sector of Scotland and as such offers employment particularly in optoelectronics, biotechnology and software development.

With the growing need for skilled workers there are many specialist and all round recruitment agencies that have bases in Glasgow. Recruitment agencies to consider include Search Recruitment Consultancy, TDL Jobs, 9-20 Recruitment, Illustro Recruitment Solutions and Davidson Recruitment Ltd.

Other major employers in the city include Scottish Power and BT Scotland and with mobile phone network provider, O2 looking to recruit another 1,500 people at a call centre based in Glasgow there are still plenty of jobs available in the city. Combined with a young and trendy growing population and many entertainment venues, the job opportunities in Glasgow make it a city to seriously think about when considering new careers and employment.

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