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Careers And Employment In Oxford

When anyone thinks of Oxford, (the city of dreaming spires), the association that comes to mind is of the University, one of the best known seats of learning in the entire world. Because of this, the other aspects of this cosmopolitan city often get overlooked; it's wonderful blend of old and new architecture; its tourist industry; its plentiful new developments of science and business parks; the new hi-tech industry base, and the corresponding flourishing recruitment agency market. Oxford is beautiful city and a fertile recruitment area, not just for graduates but for job hunters and people considering new careers from all backgrounds.

A quick run through the city's statistics reveal that the city is home to over 149,000 inhabitants, and over 3,400 businesses providing 106,000 jobs, many of which are in the service industry catering for a tourist trade of an excess of 9.3 million visitors annually. Oxford does not have a large manufacturing industry but it's economy is service industry orientated employing upwards of 89% of the total potential workforce, 19% of which work in retail, hotels and catering providing the services needed to support the large tourist sector.

As a county, Oxfordshire is one of Europe's foremost scientific and research based employment areas with over 1,400 so called hi-tech businesses employing more than 36,000 employees. In and around the city of Oxford there are a number of science parks (including Oxford Science Park, Milton Park, and Begbroke Science Park), so if you are a graduate with qualifications in the science disciplines, Oxford is a paradise for science job hunters.

Oxfordshire County Council is the city's largest employer with over 20,000 members of staff on their payroll.  With such a large number of employees, there are always new vacancies being advertised, so for job seekers looking for employment in the public sector, it's well worth dusting off your CV and sending in a copy.

The Oxford Radcliffe Hospital Trust (NHS) is another sizeable employer in the region. It is also a teaching trust, so they employ a high calibre of staff across many professions including: doctors, nurses, other healthcare staff, managerial, support and admin staff. For any interested job seekers, you should log in online to the NHS Job Site, or NHS Professionals.

For those job hunters that are interested in medical research positions, Oxford has a number of research facilities that can be approached via the main university's website.

Oxford is also home to many museums, libraries, and galleries who also recruit staff from time to time. Any vacancies in this niche markets are best found by visiting the public sectors websites, or again via the university. A small hint, (although it may not be suitable for some job seekers), and a good way of establishing what positions are available, is to volunteer your services which can get you onto the "inside track" as it were.

In a city like Oxford, there are always a certain amount of temporary opportunities available. This may suit some job seekers as a full-time strategy, or others merely as a holding strategy to keep the pennies coming in whilst you are looking for something permanent. There are plenty of recruitment agencies advertising temporary posts, but the competition is quite fierce, so just make sure your CV is "up to scratch" before you decide to go down this particular route.

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