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Career Opportunities In The East Of England

The East of England is wonderfully diverse region of the country, full of natural beauty with areas such as the Norfolk Broads, and wonderfully historic with cities such as Cambridge and Colchester, steeped in heritage and home to some stunning historic architecture. It also has a great coastline, housing some very popular and well known seaside towns including Southend and Great Yarmouth.

It is not over-populated having just over 5.7 million inhabitants to enjoy all that it has to offer.  As one of the fastest growing economic regions of the country, the East of England is an exciting place to live and work, and job seekers who are resident here have a wealth of opportunity open to them.

Large swathes of the region are open to agriculture as its main economic activity, and this is especially true of Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire. Norfolk turkeys are of course nationally renowned, (this is where Bernard Matthews has its operational headquarters), and with nationwide exports of Brussel Sprouts and Asparagus, to name but two of the famously tasty vegetables grown here, this seals the region's reputation as a leading agricultural force.

But the East of England is not just about agriculture. Cambridge is also well known for its Hi-tech industry and its many science parks. The East of England is the premier part of the UK actively engaged in research and development, which in itself accounts for over £4.4 billion and represents an enormous 27% share of the UK's total R&D economy.

The success of this region's economic growth lies firmly in the hands of the EEDA (the East of England Development Agency) who have steered the economy to employing over 450,000 businesses each contributing to an economy which is now the 4th largest in the UK. This recruitment agency have a strict set of selection criteria, but for those interested in pursuing roles there vacancies are shown on their website. You can also find out where the offices are situated at that site.

Higher education is being given top billing to enable it turn out the top class future candidates it needs for employment in the vibrant economy,  and university campuses have been developed in Southend on Sea, Peterborough, Harlow, and Thurrock. Cambridge University is of course a shining beacon of excellence across the world, and the city itself is one of the most beautiful and charismatic in the country. The Guardian newspaper advertises skilled and professional jobs in all areas, including the East of England.

The government in the Norfolk area advertise school jobs at their site as do most government entities in most areas and in the Essex area there are an abundance of recruitment agencies waiting to register job seekers. One of those, based on the high street in Cheshunt, is School Staffing Ltd.

The East of England is also vitally important to the UK as one of its major gateways to world trade. Ports such as Harwich and Felixstowe account for nearly 60% of all of the national container traffic, and are responsible for employing over 20% of the countries port/dock staff.

The East of England is a delightful place to live and with its economy scheduled to keep growing amongst the fastest in the UK, it's also a wonderful place for job seekers to find exciting and challenging employment opportunities. So many opportunities can be found in the area, and the recent upturn in employment figures means for the UK as a whole may be looking up and escaping the recession, a great time to find a new career.

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