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Jobseekers DonJobseekers Don't Believe Private Sector Is Public Sector Saviour
More than three-quarters (78%) of jobseekers do not think private sector job creation will offset public sector job losses, according to a survey from senior executive career site The research shows just 22% are more confident on landing a new job following the Budget. More...
Use Of Temps On The RiseUse Of Temps On The Rise
The use of temporary workers rose 10% in March, according to the latest data from procurer of temporary agency labour, de Poel. Figures show that the number of hours worked by temporary agency workers increased by an average of 10.36% in March, with sectors such as construction growing by 47% and retail by 12%. More...
Private Sector Employees Fearful On Losing JobsPrivate Sector Employees Fearful On Losing Jobs
Private sector employees are fearful about losing their jobs as well as their public sector counterparts as a result of the government's Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), according to IFF Research. Their research shows 57% of public sector workers agree with the statement More...

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small leaper Lisette Howlett - May-2007 Read this interview...
small leaper Emma Worsley - May-2007 Read this interview...
small leaper Helen McAnally - Jun-2007 Read this interview...

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hirescores recruitment forum is a unique forum community that brings together job seekers, employees, contractors/consultants/interims, recruitment agencies, HR professionals and employers. Job seekers can get advice on everything from CV tips to interview techniques from some of the top recruitment professionals. They can also share their experiences of the recruitment industry. Employees and contractors/interims can share and receive advice and best practice. Professionals involved in recruitment can network, discuss industry matters, get valuable first hand feedback and highlight their businesses. The site is completely free to use.

Some of the current threads on our Forum include:

Best way to find a job

How to start your own business

How to reduce employee burn out


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How Job Board Friendly Is Your CV?How Job Board Friendly Is Your CV?
Job boards. Whether you love or hate them they're here to stay and are considered by many to be a vital tool for the modern job seeker. With most job boards you can browse a job vacancy database, which will have hundreds, maybe thousands of job vacancies, apply search filters to make sure that you only see the job vacancies that are right for you More...
How Not To Write A CVHow Not To Write A CV
There's plenty of advice available online talking about how to write a good CV: what to do, what to include, how to write it. But what shouldn't you do? What makes a bad CV, a CV that could potentially put recruiters off? More...
Are You Hiding Behind Your PC?Are You Hiding Behind Your PC?
2011 has got off to a flying start for me. I've been out of the office more than I've been in it, and have met more employers in January than the whole of November and December 2010 combined. The first thing that this has shown me, is that the jobs market is improving. More...

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recruiment community specialist corners is all about better recruiitment and to this end, the provisions of feedback, information and ideas to help candidates, recruiters, employers and indeed anyone involved in the area of recruitment and the finding of employment or work.

We recognise that there are a number of different interests and thus have a number of specialist 'corners' which focus on particular interests and needs.

Here is the list of the available corners. Explore, enjoy, let us have ideas and suggestions for improvements ... Candidates Corner focuses on candidates; their interests and challenges. Click here for the link Recruiters Corner focuses on recruiters; . It includes topics of interest to recruiters. Additionally recruiters can give feedback to candidates and employers on 'what to do' and 'what to avoid' when it comes to recruitment. All canddates and employers will find this section very helpful. For recruiters it is a chance to give feedback to candidates and employers, and not to be missed. Click here for the link Employers Corner focuses on employers; their interests and challenges. Click here for the link Flexible working Corner focuses on help, information and advice on flexible working, part time working, work-life balance. Students Corner focuses on students and vacation work/internships; their interests and challenges. Diversity Corner focuses on workplace diversity. HR Corner focuses on HR; their interests and challenges.

Over the coming months the following corners will be brought to you Executives Corner focuses on Executives; their interests and challenges. Consultants Corner focuses on consultants; their interests and challenges. Interims Corner focuses on interims; their interests and challenges. Graduates Corner focuses on graduates and first time job seekers; their interests and challenges.


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