Recruitment diagnostics for the recruitment industry

Recruitment Diagnostic - for Employers

Employers can use this diagnostic to check out their recruitment effectiveness. This diagnostic, brought to us by our consulting partner mlh global hr consulting, aims to give you some fresh insights into the area of recruitment and recruitment effectiveness and enable you to benchmark your performance against best in class. If you would like to learn more about how to improve the effectiveness of your recruitment investment or how can help you please contact Lisette Howlett by phone on 0207 512 9878 or by e-mail at


Do you use search agencies and headhunters
We never use them
We use them for specific senior or hard to fill positions.
We have preferred supplier agreements in place and consider recruiters as partners in all our recruitment

How much of your recruitment is outsourced?
none of it
approximately half of it
all of it

Recruitment Strategy

Do you have an integrated recruitment strategy
No, we do not have a recruitment strategy. We put together a recruitment plan when we have a vacancy to fill
We have a comprehensive recruitment policy which covers the different types of recruitment, how we source our vacancies, use of head hunters, role of HR and the line, induction
We have a detailed recruitment strategy which covers strategic recruitment, recruitment targets, MBA, recruitment of experienced candidates, graduate recruitment, induction, use of headhunters and agencies, use of temporary employees, contractors and consultants, metrics and measurement.

How does your organisation define strategic recruitment
Hiring someone for a strategic position.
Looking ahead at future needs and hiring with a view to filling these needs in the 2-5 year timeframe.
Using workforce planning (including modelling turnover) and succession management to identify skills and capabilities needed in the 5+ year timeframe and taking this into account when recruiting people today. Taking opportunities to hire talent in line with this strategic recruitment plan even when there is not an immediate vacancy.


What percentage of your new recruits leave within 12 months
about the same as our average turnover
a lot lower than our current level of turnover.
higher than our current level of turnover.

Recruitment Volume

How many positions do you recruit in a month
1 or less
40 and over


How do you evaluate your overall recruitment effectiveness
We do not undertake specific measurement or evaluation
At the end of a specific recruitment campaign the HR lead seeks feedback from the managers who were involved
We undertake a systematic review following each recruitment campaign, seeking input from the candidates, line managers and HR. During the interviewing phase we seek feedback from all candidates interviewed.

How effectively, if at all, do you evaluate your recruiters contribution?
We rely on the recruiter/agency to initiate this and participate as appropriate
When we use a recruiter at the end of the process we seek feedback from the line managers as to how they feel the process went and how they rate the recruiter
We carry out systematic measurement of our recruitment partners involving HR, line management and the candidates.

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