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We are the perfect solution!! Specialising in the provision of contract and permanent IT personnel, Optimum IT PLC is recognised as a leader in the IT recruitment industry. Through our dedicated, professional team of Directors, Account Managers, Consultants, Resourcers and Administration staff, we have an internal structure that delivers fast, accurate, effective results to your business every time. We believe that our work ethic allows us to create and develop partnerships with our clients and candidates. We provide a real proactive, consultative service when carrying out our duties. Our aim is to guide you through the multitude of issues thrown up in today's economy.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1998
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Technology, ICT, Telecoms,    Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Other,   
Job Areas Covered:IT,   
Mission Statement:

About Us
Optimum IT PLC is now a global market leader for the provision of I.T personnel.

We are a highly motivated, passionate organisation that cares about its clients and candidates.

Our expert knowledge, combined with our creativity and sense of partnership makes us a must organisation to talk to. 
Everyone at Optimum specialises within a specific market place. This means that you are guaranteed to receive expert advice.

We are here to guide you through the multitude of factors that may affect you in today's economy.

We are retained by some of the largest organisations in the world on an exclusive basis. We can therefore offer fantastic opportunities within these organisations across the globe.

We always have multiple opportunities ranging across all technologies. 
Everyone at Optimum specialises in a technical market place, we believe that this is a key differentiator to our competition. We are capable of understanding your requirements and therefore we are capable of delivering to them.

We are able to give you access to the most diverse range of appropriate top talent that the market has to offer.

General comments that raters have made about Optimum IT plc:

1. Comment left on 26/10/2008 20:03
These guys have been really good to me over the years. contracts are changed on request and they are always on the look out for new and interesting roles for me.

2. Comment left on 28/03/2008 10:08
My overall experience of working with Optimum IT plc has been 100% positive. Not only are they efficient, they keep their promises, and inject a sense of humour into the recruitment process.

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