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Media Centre is the place to find information, ratings and feedback regarding the recruitment industry.. As you know, the site aims to become a useful and independent resource for all those involved in the recruitment space – candidates, employers and recruitment service providers.

I would first of all, like to take this opportunity to thank you showing an interest in and welcome your commitment to encouraging feedback and improving quality across the industry.

As a recruiter, HireScores is designed to:
  • Provide you with a platform to highlight your commitment to continuous improvement and exceeding both client and candidate expectations
  • Access candid, independent and exceptionally valuable feedback from both candidates and employer clients
  • Create opportunities for you to market your business to potential candidates and client firms
  • Help raise standards across the industry

As part of those aims, HireScores is undertaking a sustained multi-channel marketing effort to help attract candidates and employers to the site - and provide the information you need to excel. However, in order for recruitment firms to gain maximum benefit - and PR exposure - from the site, it is important that each firm encourages its own candidates, both past and present, to participate.

This media guide has been produced for those recruiters that wish to tell their candidates about in order to encourage ratings of their performance, thus enabling them to achieve the highest possible profile on the website with the resultant PR benefits.

Detailed below you’ll find information and resources to help you inform your candidates about your participation on – we’ll also be forwarding some basic marketing materials for you to use to help get the ball rolling. Having said that, we would also love to hear from you; your ideas on how we can better meet your needs, new marketing suggestions, and indeed any comments or suggestions.

In addition there is some information which will be of interested to job board owners and suppliers of recruitement related products and services.

With that in mind, I would invite you to have a read through the enclosed information and then get in touch by phone or email to discuss how we can best work together.


Lisette Howlett

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