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Partnering with Team Focus Ltd

Partnering to better serve you in the Psychometrics area is committed to bringing together information, advice and tools for candidates, employers and recruiters. Psychometrics play a significant role in recruitment and development and therefore form a critical part of the offering. In order to ensure a full range of high quality information, articles, tests, consulting, training and other services we have set up a collaboration with Team Focus Limited.

Team Focus is a psychology-based consultancy specialising in enhancing the contribution of people at individual, team and corporate levels. The company is managed by Roy Childs, and staffed by Chartered Occupational Psychologists. Their clients range from individuals and small, dedicated businesses to major, global organisations. Through our network of international associates and partners, they are capable of dealing with the most complex trans-national people issues. They deliver on a worldwide basis in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese. Their main Offices are in Maidenhead UK and they have associates based in the USA, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Profiling for Success

Team Focus have launched an exciting new range of assessments under the Profiling for Success (PfS) series. The assessments include Reasoning Tests, a Learning Styles Questionnaire, a Type Indicator, a Career Interests Inventory, a Self-Perception questionnaire and a Relational Health Audit available online and on paper.

The PfS series is leading edge, easy-to-use and with valuable reporting facilities which make their use easier for the practitioner.

Currently available are:

Reasoning Tests -all with a choice of 4 levels. Level 1 is aimed at broad general ability aligned with GCSE. Level 2 is aimed at 16-18 year old educational standards. Level 3 is aimed at successful undergraduate standards and Level 4 is aimed at postgraduate standards, MBA's and high level business success.

  • Verbal Levels 1- 4 - measuring the understanding and critical evaluation of written information
  • Numerical Levels 1- 4 - measuring the understanding and critical evaluation of numerical information
  • Abstract Levels 1- 4 - measuring the ability to combine divergent and convergent thinking and breaking out of the traditional analytical mould

Memory and Attention - measuring the ability to follow instructions and to attend to numerous tasks at the same time, whilst remaining fast and accurate. Computerised format means that the tests can be readily personalised and tailored to your organisation's needs.

Personality and Behavioural Style - helping people to explore their preferences and typical style and the consequences for work and relationships.

Learning Styles Indicator - based on the model of Psychological Type and dividing preferences into the Activator, Creator, Clarifier and Explorer.

Type Dynamics Indicator - a full Type Indicator with innovative features that is challenging people to explore their view of themselves, their underlying needs and the direction for personal development.

Self-Perception Inventory - exploring self esteem and self concept and areas for growth and personal development.

FIRO - standing for Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation this is the full range of Will Schutz's internationally acclaimed FIRO questionnaires exploring Behaviour, Feelings and Self Concept and the implications for Team Compatibility, Decision Making and building relationships.

360 degree Feedback - a wide range of behavioural questionnaires available on-line Career Interests and Values - helping people explore areas of work that make the best use of their interests, values and motivations.

Career Interests Inventory - for young people and adults alike, this uses words and pictures to structure interests around Holland's Career Themes.

Career Interests Card Sort (available shortly) - an assessment of interests combining a card set technique with computer generated report, suitable for people with low ability levels/special needs.

Motives and Values - aimed at getting at the underlying needs which provide the energy for directing people's talents in particular directions

Articles on Psychometrics
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Information, Products, Services and Advice

Partnering with Team Focus that we can bring a full range of psychometric solutions to the recruitment areana. Some examples are:

For Candidates:

Psychometric Tests - for candidates: we have brought you a range of tests that you can buy on line. In addition three are some samples and demos to give you an idea of the sorts of questions and structure different tests take.

For recruiters and employers:

Psychometric Tests for qualified recruiters and employers: by joining up with 'profiling for success' we are able to bring you state of the art psychometric assessment for selection, personal development, team building and organisation development

Psychometrics Training: Team Focus provide public and bespoke psychometrics training courses, including the whole range British Psychological Society qualifying courses in Psychometrics (Level A and Level B).

Assessment: We all know that the selection decision can be the hardest part of any recruitment and selection process. Team Focus know the importance of challenging intuitive judgements with quantitative rigour and provide a range of support - from tools to consulting.

Development: Offering a wide range of individaul and team development solutions, all of which are aligned with the goals, strategy and values of the business, the way it assembles and deploys teams, the way individuals perceive their roles and on the interpersonal dynamics that exist in the organisation.

Consultancy: Team Focus consultancy services are concerned, first, with helping you understand the dynamic interactions that make its people behave the way they do. Building on this understanding they work with clients to formulate the organisational development strategies and the practical techniques that will enable you to optimise human performance in your team.

Where appropriate Team Focus and mlh global hr consulting work together to combine the best of both - high quality psychometrics based consulting with commercially grounded HR consulting.

About Team Focus

Team Focus Limited (TFL) is a company of Chartered Business Psychologists set up in 1989 with a mission to help people take control of their lives, to build better, more meaningful relationships and to make better use of their skills, talents, interests and motivations. It subscribes to Robert Kennedy’s sentiment when he said:

"The Gross National Product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages. In short, it measures everything except what is worthwhile!"

To widen ‘quality of life’ issues in the workplace beyond the economic may seem like a big dream. In fact, the more people understand themselves the more able they are to understand others, to build better relationships and to work together in a more effective and enjoyable way – the essentials for an energised, creative and successful workforce. This philosophy pervades all of TFL’s work in such diverse areas as assessment, development, training, coaching, team facilitation and the development of its products and psychometrics.

The key challenge has been to take some of the best ideas and approaches in psychology (which are well founded and rigorous but often applied in a hard-nosed and insensitive manner) and to apply them in a more direct, meaningful and genuinely developmental way.

What does Team Focus do that is different?

Team Focus is involved in a very broad range of activities often classified under the headings of assessment, development, training and consultancy. We have also, in the last 5 years, developed the Profiling for Success range of psychometric tests. These are rigorously developed reasoning, personality, interest and motivation instruments all available online or on-paper.

What our clients say is that we bring intellectual rigour with a truly person-focussed approach which is both meaningful, developmental and empowering.

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