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LogoProSearch Manpower Solutions Inc. was established to cater the growing needs of different businesses and industries for exceedingly focused professional search and HR outsourcing. Acting as a conduit between employers and aspiring a Filipino professional, ProSearch Manpower Solutions Inc. is using innovative approaches in recruitment and sourcing that aims to meet the demands of clients with candidates that matches their exact terms and also to give the candidates a clear career path.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Employment Agency
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Industry Sectors Covered:Professional Services,   
Job Areas Covered:Human Resources,   
Mission Statement:To hire the most qualified Filipino professionals who can ably satisfy the manpower needs of our client and to establish a good business relationship with the candidates and the client by being transparent in all business dealings

About Us

ProSearch Manpower, taking the serious challenge to become the number one manpower provider, has created an extensive databank of resumes using customized operating system. Our in house CV search engine allows us to search for the candidate that exactly matches your manpower requirement.

Clients and candidates can expect fast, targeted results form experienced team of competent Recruitment and HR Consultants. Our Recruitment staffs are trained to asses, shortlist the right candidates as per job description.

Why Hire Filipinos?

Well Versed In English

The Filipino workforce is one of the most compelling advantages the Philippines has over any other Asian country. With higher education priority, the literacy rate in the country is 94.6% - among the highest. English is taught in all schools, making the Philippines the world's third largest English-speaking country. Every year, there are some 350,000 graduates enriching the professional pool.

Flexible And Industrious

Flexible, industrious, and frequently skilled, Filipinos are finding their way into unexpected niche markets. Nurses trained in the Philippines, for instance, are more likely to end up working elsewhere. Hospital recruiters from Norway and the UK travel to Manila to hire them.

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