Press Release June 2010: Half Of Women Believe They Perform Better At Work When Dressed Sexily

The UK's only dedicated recruitment agency review site has conducted research and found that 53% of women feel that they perform better at work when they dress ‘sexily', with 69% of people admitting that the weather affected their attitude to work and productivity.

The UK's only dedicated recruitment agency review site has conducted nationwide research to find out what factors affected the performance of those in employment. wanted to see how businesses could improve efficiency by investigating what aspects affected the productivity of an office.

The UK's only dedicated recruitment agency review site surveyed 1,276 members of the British public in different professions to see what the greatest factors in improving productivity in the office were. Of the people surveyed, 78% said that the way they dressed was the thing that enhanced their work the most. When asked, "What style of work dress makes you more productive?", more than half, 59% said that they worked better when they were dressed smart.

Of the women who thought that the way they dressed affected the way that they performed at work over half, 53% said that dressing ‘provocatively' helped their productivity, whilst 54% said that they liked to dress smart. Less than 1 in 10, 8% said that casual clothes improved the way they work.

63% of men that said the way they dressed affected their performance said that smart clothes made them more productive, whilst one third said that they preferred to wear casual clothes in the workplace.

Of the people surveyed, 69% said that the weather affected the way that they worked with more than 6 in 10, 62%, saying that the sun shining made them work better in the office. A quarter of people said that nice weather actually made them less productive as they then found it difficult to concentrate.

The factors that affect productivity in the office:

1.    What you wear - 78%
2.    Weather - 69%
3.    Your colleagues - 65%
4.    Breaks - 59%
5.    Workload - 57%
6.    Support - 53%
7.    Facilities - 41%
8.    Decor - 37%
9.    Equipment - 27%
10.    Music - 23%

23% of those surveyed said that music in the office was important, with just over half of these 51% saying that if they were allowed to listen to music they would be more productive.

Lisette Howlett, Managing Director of said;

"I think that there are definitely different factors that could affect someone's performance at work whether it be the decor in their office or the weather outside. Essentially these factors can affect your mood and generally those in a good mood tend to work better than those who are not."

She continued;

"I was curious as to why women feel productive when they dress more provocatively and having checked this out concluded that this is because it gives them a sense of empowerment which in turn makes them more confident in the office.  Indeed feeling confident and positive seem to be two key factors to high work performance"



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