Press Release November 2009: Cash in Hand... 46% of Working Brits Say Yes Please

Cash in Hand... 46% of Working Brits Say Yes Please, the UK's leading recruitment agency review website, has asked people anonymously if they have done work outside of office hours to earn extra money and found that 46% of Brits working specialist jobs were doing so., the UK's leading recruitment agency review website, carried out research to find out which people were doing the most out of hours work. surveyed 1,471 Brits from all walks of life to see which industries and professions were making money on the side.

Of the people asked, found that an average of 46% said that have earned money outside of work, where their skill is able to be applied outside of the working environment.

The research carried out indicated that Hairdressers were most likely to earn extra cash, with 73% of the hairdressers asked saying that they have cut someone's hair outside of their workplace for money. With nearly two thirds of them saying that they cut neighbours and members of their families' hair on a regular basis.

Mechanics were also very likely to work on weekends to make extra money, with 2 in 3 saying that had done work on someone's car outside of work. They came second in the top ten professions that found to be working on the side.

The full top ten professions are:

1.    Hairdressers 73%
2.    Mechanics 67%
3.    Plumbers 65%
4.    Decorators 59%
5.    Beauticians 53%
6.    Electricians 49%
7.    Carpenters 48%
8.    Brick Layers 46%
9.    Personal Trainers 39%
10.    IT Technicians 37%

Of all the people asked, almost half said that they had done work for customers they had met through their day jobs. Many said the reason was that their work was too busy, where one third said it was because they needed the money. However, 48% said that they did feel guilty and probably wouldn't do it again.

The managing director of Hirescores, which allows people to rate their recruitment experiences with UK agencies, wants people looking for extra cash to remember that recruitment agencies can help you get flexible work, especially if you are skilled in certain professions, and that you shouldn't be resorting to working illegally just to make ends meet.,

Lisette Howlett, managing director of said of the issue;

"I'm not surprised that more and more people are using their trades outside of work to make some extra money, with so many people struggling to make ends meet."

She continued;

"However, it is important to stress that it is against the law to do this for ‘cash in hand', could have serious insurance, or health and safety implications and I would strongly suggest people didn't do so. It is also worth noting that many employment contracts expressly disallow second jobs or alternative employment.  Additionally most employers will have rules against employees making private arrangements with customers met during their course of employment.  People assume they won't get caught but it is happening more often than you think."


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