Press Release October 2009: Working Lunch Results In 45 Million Unpaid Hours Worked Every Week In UK

Working Lunch Results In 45 Million Unpaid Hours Worked Every Week In Britain

British workers are too nervous or too busy to take their full lunch break. 28% do not leave the office all day and 14% rarely find time to eat even their lunch. All of this amounts to more than 45 million hours of unpaid work being given to British companies every week.

A study commissioned by the UK's leading recruitment scoring website,, can reveal that 1 in 4 people are now taking a working lunch due to heavy workload and fear of job security. 28% of Brits do not set foot out of the office all day and 14% rarely find time to eat a proper lunch.

The research of 1,410 British workers by found that 36% have noticed a dramatic increase in workload since the beginning of the year and even though 25% of those believe this is because business is doing well, a total of 46% believe this comes as a direct result of the recession.

The main problem in terms of work load is management taking on more work but not expanding the workforce, leaving current members of staff with additional work to fit into their day.

1 in 4 Brits claim to very rarely take a lunch break and 23% claim to rarely take their full lunch entitlement. Subsequently, leading to an average of 3.5 hours, or the equivalent of half a day's unpaid work a week for 42% of Brits. This equates to more than 45 million* hours of unpaid work every week in the UK.

Lisette Howlett, the founder of comments;

"These turbulent times have resulted in a lot of nervous workers and even though there is talk that business is on the up, worried Brits are continuing to feel the need to work unpaid and often unappreciated hours.

She continued, "Despite the fact that members of staff and management may feel as though working through their lunch is the best option for getting through a big pile of work, it's clear that this is not an effective long term strategy.  Taking a break will result in a more productive second half to your day, more than making up for the time you take to relax.  

"Even just a short break such as a walk around the block, perhaps followed by catching up on some reading while eating a sandwich will pay dividends.  Developing this as a lunch time habit, will not only you keep abreast of developments in your field, but will also leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised and much more on the ball"


*, based on there being 30.89 million workers in the UK

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