Press Release May 2009: Holiday Stress

Parents Claim A Holiday With The Kids Is More Stressful Than Work

Almost 65% of parents admit they find it more stressful taking the kids on holiday for a week than working full-time and almost half confess they do not look forward to family holidays, a study from the UK's leading recruitment scoring website has found.

A study of 1,855 Brits from the UK's leading recruitment scoring website has found that 63% of parents admit that a week's holiday with the kids is more stressful than a week at work and 47% confess that they do not look forward to family holidays, with 54% admitting they would rather leave the kids at home.

Research commissioned by has found that almost 90% of parents focus their entire family holiday on making the kids happy and therefore almost 65% find the stress of looking after the children, keeping them entertained at all times and breaking up arguments more stressful than working full-time.

The study found that only 53% of parents look forward to family holidays but a total of 57% worry that their return to the office after a week or two on holiday will be even more stressful than if they had not gone away in the first place.

Lisette Howlett, founder of said;          

"A holiday is supposed to be a stress-free break from the pressures of work and yet so many people feel that they need a holiday on their return!

"Many Brits are too worried about the work they will miss and the situation they will be faced with on their return to fully enjoy a family holiday but it is surprising to find that for so many parents these factors will actually put them off going away at all. 

"It is important to take proper holidays so there may be some useful learning on how important it is to prepare to be away, including ensuring a quality hand over of the work. This will reduce the worry about returning to work which can spoil the holiday. "




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