Press Release March 2007: New Recruitment Forum Brings Together Job Seekers, Recruiters and Employer

New Recruitment Forum Brings Together Job Seekers, Recruiters and Employers

It's rare to see job seekers, recruitment agencies and employers in the same place. Despite the fact that everyone involved in the recruitment process wants more or less the same thing - the right people in the right jobs - the process is often seen as more ‘them and us' than co-operative.

A new online recruitment forum seeks to change that., part of the recruitment feedback site, has been developed to bring these groups together and provide useful advice and feedback to everyone involved.

The forum, launched this week, allows candidates to share their views, questions and experiences and have them addressed by experienced recruitment professionals - making landing the right job more likely. In return, recruitment firms and employers benefit from access to valuable feedback and real candidate experiences - helping them attract, and retain, the best talent available.

With over 20 years of experience in senior Human Resources and recruitment roles, forum founder, Lisette Howlett believes that bringing these three groups together is an essential step if recruitment effectiveness and standards are to rise.

"Everybody within the recruitment industry wants the same thing. Job seekers want to find the right job, recruiters want to place them in the right job and employers want to find the best candidates. It seems odd that there are very few places that candidates, recruiters and employers can ‘meet up' to find ways of making the whole process much easier. HireScoresForum does that by creating a simple space for open and frank discussion."

It's this open discussion that is the guiding principle behind "It's vital that job seekers know what recruiters and employers are looking for. Likewise, employers and recruiters want to attract the best possible talent and to find ways to improve the recruitment process. By bringing everyone together in one place we can tell each other exactly what we want, and hopefully, improve the entire recruitment process for everyone involved."

The site is entirely free to use and is currently inviting any interested parties to take part. Further information can be found at


About is run in conjunction with recruitment ratings site - both sites are owned and operated by Web Hires Ltd.. The company is headed by experienced HR professional Lisette Howlett. Lisette has over 20 years industry experience with such firms as Zeneca/AstraZeneca and Syngenta.

The forum, launched at the end of March 2007, allows job seekers, recruitment agencies and employers to discuss their needs and find answers to their questions in an open and frank environment.

Lisette is available for comment on a range of industry subjects including; recruitment and recruitment effectiveness; talent management; recruitment strategy and strategic recruitment; the role of HR and its contribution to business success; the people and organisation side of Mergers and Acquisitions.

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