Press Release July 2010: Majority Of Brits Would Like To Be An Astronaut

Research from the UK's only dedicated recruitment agency review website has found that the majority of Brits would like to be an astronaut if they could choose their ‘dream job', closely followed by a doctor.

The UK's only dedicated recruitment agency review site has conducted research to see what jobs Brits would most like to have. The study was carried out on 1,387 members of the British public and posed the question "what job would you most like to have?"

69% of those polled said that being an astronaut would be the best job in the world, with 76% of those saying that they liked the idea of exploring space. 64% thought that becoming a doctor would be their favourite choice, with half stating the ability to help people and ‘make a difference' as being its biggest draw.

61% said that being a pilot would be their ideal job with over half, 52%, stating they thought the role was sexy, and a third saying that they liked the thought of the power. Of those that didn't wish to be a pilot, 22% said it was because they had a fear of flying.

Being a professional sportsperson came in at number 4, with 58% of people opting for this choice. 72% of male respondents said that they would want to be a football player, whilst 52% of women said that they would want to be a tennis player.

The top ten jobs that people would most like to be:

1.    Astronaut - 69%
2.    Doctor - 64%
3.    Pilot - 61%
4.    Professional sports person - 58%
5.    Singer - 54%
6.    Actor/Actress - 53%
7.    Journalist - 49%
8.    TV Presenter - 46%
9.    Fireman - 39%
10.    Detective - 37%

When asked the question "what job would you consider to be the worst?" 63% said that they thought that being the Prime Minster would be their idea of a bad job. The greatest reason was the huge level of responsibility, with 43% stating this.

Managing director of Lisette Howlett said;

"It's no surprise that being an astronaut is considered to be the best job in the world by Brits, as it encapsulates being a hero with many peoples' childhood fantasy, which is an ideal combination and truly a dream job."

She continued;

"At, our job is to ensure that those looking for the help of recruitment agencies to find their dream job get all the help and support they need to achieve their goals. Having said that, we don't currently work with any recruitment agencies that offer to help people make their way as an astronaut! Perhaps this is because one of our criteria for judging the effectiveness of an agency is whether they offer high quality and realistic feedback and support to job seekers."



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