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LogoPathfinders Media Recruitment has been sourcing talent for London's media, marketing and communication companies for 40 years. Our extensive experience in this sector is matched by the breadth of positions we cover. Whether you are a recent graduate aiming to break into media, a candidate looking to build on support or executive experience or a client hunting for that perfect someone to complement your team, we can help you - quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our aim is always to exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you. If you would like to know more please contact us. When the average recruitment agency is asked to fill a position, its success rate is around 1 in 8. Our rate is 1 in 2.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Executive Search
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What We Do

Our consultants handle temporary, permanent and contract assignments in all areas of media, marketing and communications both agency and in-house.

Our clients include some of the top names in PR, entertainment, publishing, events, advertising, marketing, broadcast and digital media as well as some of the more exciting new companies making their mark in these sectors.

We also offer structured work experience opportunities. A free service to both clients and candidates.

Positions we recruit for include:

  • graduate entry level
  • executive positions in marketing, events and PR
  • PA/ executive assistant
  • secretarial and administrative
  • reception/ front of house
  • office management

Every year we place circa 2,500 candidates in permanent roles and every day we have approximately 1,200 temporary staff on site.


We know that there are many different reasons for temping and we try to tailor our approach accordingly. Whether you are having a break between permanent jobs, want to broaden your experience and skills by temping in different environments or are using temporary work simply to boost income from an alternative career we're here to make sure that you find the right assignment. 

As one of our registered temps, you will have access to assignments in some of London's most exciting and well-known media companies many of whom use us exclusively to fill requirements ranging from a few hours to several months.

We listen carefully to your requirements and always try to assign you work which closely matches your interests - as a result many of our temps have been snapped up by our clients to fill permanent roles

We also offer in-house training to keep your software skills up to date, and hold regular functions, competitions and networking events. We take feedback regularly and thank our star candidates at our annual Temp of the Year awards.



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