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LogoNRL Ltd have a strong reputation for integrity and service. We are a preferred or sole supplier to many of the UK's largest companies nationwide. While our traditional markets are construction, technical trades and rail, in 2008 we carefully sourced the right people to head our new IT division. Placing permanent staff is a growth area across all our vertical markets, complemented by complete managed vendor solutions and search and selection services. Members of REC, we are proud to hold the ISO 9001 quality award. We’re also proactive in our recruitment, providing bespoke training to address skill shortages. Perhaps as a result of our long pedigree, we’re forward-looking. Our experience shows how important it is to seize opportunities, whether in strategic planning or in adding value to our service in bold and innovative ways.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1983
No of Employees:
No of Offices:5
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Construction and Building,    Energy and Natural Resources,    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,   
Job Areas Covered:Engineering & Construction,    IT,    Programme and Project Management,    Trades,   
Mission Statement:Continual investment in our people and our commitment to first class client and candidate services

NRL is one of the fastest growing companies in Cumbria and a top 30 nationwide recruiter, according to a recent study published in 'Recruiter' magazine.  The company is supported by a growing client base that comprises some of the UK’s top employers.

Our Service

Whether you are looking for the next big step in your permanent career or a temporary vacancy, you can rest assured that at NRL, we will take the time to find out and then act in your best interests.

Registering with us is quick and easy and once we receive your CV, one of our consultants will call you to begin the process.

Employers Service

Our philosophy of honesty and integrity has allowed us to become one of the leading recruitment companies nationwide, but despite this respectable position, we have never stopped investing in both people and systems, to ensure that our service continues to be first class for both permanent and temporary placements.

Our reputation and ethos together with continuous investment, means that we can attract the best candidates and can offer you a shortlist that really meets your requirements. We do this with great care, focusing on both your own and the candidates' interests to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you have a vacancy that you want us to help you fill, please register it with us or call directly for an informal chat.

Mission Statement

NRL's mission is to be the strategic partner of choice for all resourcing needs by engaging with both clients and candidates to really make a difference.

We do this by focusing on delivering on time and within budget, working openly and honestly and acting in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

As our business grows and evolves NRL will continue to adhere to its core values:

"Continual investment in our people and our commitment to first class client and candidate services".


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