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Monarch Recruitment Ltd is one of the UK's largest and most successful specialist recruitment consultancies. We aimed from the outset to deliver the highest possible standards to both our clients and candidates UK wide. We have developed an unrivalled reputation as a recruitment solutions provider which allows us to attract the best companies, the most exciting roles and the most suitable candidates. Combined with our highly trained and motivated consultants and cutting edge IT systems, the result is a company which is dynamic, focused and delivers the right result. We work hard at building close relationships with our candidates and clients. We NEVER forget we are dealing with people; individuals with unique needs and goals, not just a collection of technical skills. You will be treated professionally and with respect. You will be offered sound career management and will notice that people at Monarch will go the extra mile.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Consultancy
Start Date: 1992
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Agro),    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,    Education,   
Job Areas Covered:Scientific and Technical,    IT,    Other,   
Mission Statement:

About Us

Monarch Recruitment Ltd has expanded considerably since launching, increasing in headcount and turnover most years.

Our growth and successes have been facilitated by recruiting talented individuals who have been given the opportunity to develop their careers within the business and have input in to the advancement of Monarch Recruitment. This organic growth has played a key part in our continued development and achievements as an organisation.

Our strategy of providing the highest possible quality of service to all customers has led to an enviable record of retained clients and being a preferred supplier to many of the UK's biggest companies.

Moving forward in to 2010 we have exciting expansion plans which will see further growth within our IT Permanent, IT Contract, Environmental, Oil and Gas and Education sectors throughout the UK and into Europe. Career Forum

A major purpose of is to encourage the exchange of information to encourage best practice in the recruitment and HR field. A major means of doing this is the Career Forum. This is devoted to recruitment and work that is supported by a number of experts and is open to everyone who has been involved in the recruiting process, from those currently looking for work through those who have done so in the past to those involved in recruiting, HR professionals and employers. Registering on our recruitment forum will give you access to a whole series of threads giving advice and help with all aspects of recruiting. Joining in means you get to give and receive really great advice.  You can even find special offers from members here.

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