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Logo Keystone Recruitment is a multi sited London based, privately owned, professional recruitment group specialising in recruitment solutions within the Public Sector, Social Care & Social Housing, Office & Commercial Sector and the Hospitality Sector including Hotel & Catering and Events. People are our business and for over 50 years our philosophy has always been to put people first. By working in an ethical and professional manner, this has been the key to our continued success. Our candidates receive a quality driven service, tailored to their requirements, the philosophy of adopting best practice proved to be a winning formula from the outset.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
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Industry Sectors Covered:Retail, Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality,    Health,    Food and Drink,   
Job Areas Covered:Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Services & Customer Services,   
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The Benefits Of Temping

For many, temporary work has become a career in its own right, and is not just a stopgap between permanent jobs. In fact, there are many benefits to temping:

  • Better pay - you are paid for every hour you work and not just a set salary; so the more you work the more you earn.
  • Holiday pay - under the Working Time Directive, temporary staff are now entitled to up to four weeks paid holiday per year.
  • Broadening your skill set - temporary positions add something new and potentially, a new area of strength to your CV.
  • Meet new people - temporary work is a great way to make new friends and meet lots of different people.
  • Flexibility - temporary work gives you control over your working life. If you want to work for six months then travel or work in school time only, you can.

The greatest benefit to you as a temporary employee is that temping gets you inside companies. It opens doors for you. Companies bring in temps because they need someone - and that someone could be you. Once you are on the inside, you have tremendous advantages. You can explore a new company and learn about a new industry. You can meet people you otherwise would have probably never met. And they will be there to see you shine as you do your best on each assigned task. Being on the spot, doing good work, and getting noticed - what better way to find a new job?

If you want to change industries, temping is a super way to explore many different fields, many you might have not considered before. Working within in the Hotel and Catering Industry might be just where your niche lies. You can only really know once you're there, and temping can give you that opportunity.


It is Keystone's aim to support and underpin our client's recruitment needs with solutions that are always ethical, professional and cost effective.

We understand how important it is for our clients to work with a supplier that they can rely on to provide a professional service.

Our Promise

  • Complete open and honest recruitment service.
  • Highly skilled, interviewed and assessed candidates.
  • Long term commitment, quality and service.
  • Regular Service review to assess our performance.
  • Consistently exceeding your expectations.
  • Honest and prompt feedback from candidates.
  • Continuous improvement of services provided.
  • Flexibility.



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