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What? You can get a full picture of the views of candidates and also find our how other employers rate different recruiters. This will help you in your selection of recruitment partners and also enable you to improve your recruitment processes

Why? This is an opportunity to be informed. Recruiters are your partners and represent your employment brand in the market place. Finding out what candidates think is therefore essential.

How? You can simply log on and look at the ratings. Or you can register your company and access additional information.

information to inform recruitment

How it works ...
Giving Feedback is easy. Simply register and go to your home page where you will be given the option to score a recruiter either from an existing list or by adding a recruiter if the one you want to rate is not already on the list.

For each of the criteria give a score and add some free text if you wish. There is also an overall comments section.

Remember when you are registered as an employer you will rate against employer criteria. Currently this feedback is only visible to other registered employers and through confidential special reports

If you also have experience you wish to share as a 'candidate' you should register as a candidate as well and give candidate feedback.

How the results are displayed ...
The results of your ratings and those of other employers, as well as candidates (different rating criteria) display in a wide variety of ways on the site. The sorting is by the employer (or candidate) who has given the feedback (employers and candidates are asked to provide this information when registering to allow the sorting)

  • On the home page you can see the top 10 with respect to candidate scores - employer scores are only visible to registered employers. This is based on combined ratings for all the criteria and subject to a minimum of 10 ratings
  • On the recruiter scores page you can look at all the recruitment agencies ranked top to bottom
  • In addition you can look at all the recruiters ranked for each different
    • Criteria
    • Sector
    • Job Area
    • Job Level
    • Candiate Type

In addition you can look at a graph on the profile pages for individual recruiters.

Please also find below our employers fact sheet employers fact sheet, recruitement services for employers

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