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How Job Board Friendly Is Your CV?

How Job Board Friendly Is Your CV?Job boards. Whether you love or hate them they're here to stay and are considered by many to be a vital tool for the modern job seeker. With most job boards you can browse a job vacancy database, which will have hundreds, maybe thousands of job vacancies, apply search filters to make sure that you only see the job vacancies that are right for you More...
Published by: Hirescores on 25/04/2011

How Not To Write A CV

How Not To Write A CVThere's plenty of advice available online talking about how to write a good CV: what to do, what to include, how to write it. But what shouldn't you do? What makes a bad CV, a CV that could potentially put recruiters off? More...
Published by: Hirescores on 28/03/2011

Are You Hiding Behind Your PC?

Are You Hiding Behind Your PC?2011 has got off to a flying start for me. I've been out of the office more than I've been in it, and have met more employers in January than the whole of November and December 2010 combined. The first thing that this has shown me, is that the jobs market is improving. More...
Published by: Hirescores on 08/02/2011

Why Do Some Employers Get Into Such A Recruitment Mess?

Why Do Some Employers Get Into Such A Recruitment Mess?We all make mistakes, but it does perplex me that so many companies rollout new ways to recruit, or save money on recruitment costs, or 'refine the process' and all other manner of phrases I hear. Do these companies actually speak to their suppliers prior to doing this? More...
Published by: Hirescores on 26/01/2011

Agency Workers Regulations: Do You Understand?

Agency Workers Regulations: Do You Understand?I read with interest the other day in Recruitment Consultant that Adecco revealed that 61% of HR professionals did not know the implementation date for the EU's Agency Workers Regulations (AMR) also referred to as Agency Workers Directive (AWD). More...
Published by: Hirescores on 24/01/2011

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