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HireScores.com Recruitment ForumRecruiters, Employers & Suppliers CentreGeneral employer topics (Moderators: HireScores.com admin, HireScoresMark)Don't believe the employer's so-called "values culture"
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Author Topic: Don't believe the employer's so-called "values culture"  (Read 4834 times)
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« on: April 26, 2012, 11:40:02 AM »

In business culture matters as much as the hard numbers.
If a company's culture really matters then it should be more than a 5-minute conversation between someone in HR and a new employee.
Values must be demonstrated and measurable.

Culture is not about picking the right words to put on a plaque in the office lobby or reception.
Do we "honour" our customers or "respect" them?
It is not about words at all it is about behaviour.
Not what we say we do but what we actually do.

It is very easy to say we are a "values driven organisation,  we value our staff,  have a no blame culture", but saying is easy doing is something quite different.

Companies state on their corporate websites that they are great companies to work for and have a "one star" accreditation?
But what does this really mean, especially if they are not even in the Top 100 Best Companies to work for.

What are the values?
 "Embracing diversity, equality and respect"
How many disabled or ethnic employees are employed? Otherwise it is just words.
 Valuing people and helping them to realise their full potential
No good if there is no long term track record of personal growth and promotion.
 "Promoting happiness, well-being and work-life balance"
No good if staff are so pressured, stressed or bullied that they leave.
 "Encouraging teamwork based on honesty, openness and trust in a blame-free culture"
No good if staff are regularly "asked to leave" or paid to leave because of under performance.
Honesty begins with the directors of the company.  If they say one thing and a month later do the opposite how can they say they are honest?
 "Adopting a responsible attitude to the environment"
Needs to be demonstrated and not words.
 "Putting something tangible back into the community"
What community a few hundred donated to local causes or a major long-term commitment?
 "Embracing the principles of collaboration, innovation and excellent customer service"
Looking after customers because you need future work from them is not a "value" it is business practice.

It is about time that companies so-called "values" were actually demonstrably practised by every employee, not just those brainwashed into the perceived "culture" that does not exist in reality and is looked on as optional by the employed majority.

Let's face it we all know it is Bo**cks so why are they allowed to mislead employees.
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