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Author Topic: Posting Guidelines - read this first  (Read 6847 times)
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Forum Management
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« on: March 17, 2007, 01:27:15 PM »

Hi and welcome to HireScoreForum.com
This is a free jobs and career advice forum aimed at creating a community for job seekers, employees, recruiters (agencies, head hunters etc) and employers (hiring and employing companies).  Our aim is to create an opportunity for all people involved in recruitment and employment to share ideas, ask questions, give and get advice and talk about their experiences.

New to the forum?
First you need to register. Registration is easy and it means you can post new topics, reply to existing ones and use the advanced forum features such as private messaging.

When you register you have the opportunity to choose a username ? be sensible, this is a public forum ? and also provide more details including an Avatar.  You can also set up  a signature which will appear each time you post.

For more information about using this forum, check out the FAQs section.

It would also be great if you could introduce yourself ? we have three introduction categories to help you find your way around ? candidates (job seekers and employees); recruiters (agencies, head hunters etc) and other (employers, suppliers etc).

We also have an experts forum ? this is for invited experts to give a bit of information about themselves.  If you would like to become one of our experts contact any of the Forum Admin team either via a PM or using the comments link.

Self promotion
It is OK to link to your site or other sites if it relates to the thread, but this needs to be in manner of discussion and information giving and not self promotion.

Your signature and your introduction are the two places that you can promote yourself, site or business, rather than in the main body of posts and discussion.  This allows the boards to be used for discussions.

Additionally special offers can be posted on the Forums Special Offers Board.

Excessive promotion of your business or spamming will result in the post being deleted and may result in your being banned from the site.  Think about things from the point of view of other people and you are not likely to go wrong.  Would you want to keep reading a post that says ?come to my site/business for x? no matter how tenuous the link to the original question?
Site feedback
There are several ways you can communicate with us.

1. PM the one of the site administrators

2. Comment on our site feedback board

3. Post a new topic in the General Stuff forum

Ideas and comments on HireScores.com are also welcome

Issues with Moderators or Admin
Under no circumstances should moderating or administration issues specific to this forum be discussed in the open forum. Please PM a moderator or admin with your question.

Suggestions are more than welcome as always, but public discussions about the operation of a forum are not productive and generally lead to problems.

General Posting Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines when posting a message.

No foul language, abuse or personal attacks.  There is no exception to this.  Not against individuals, other forum users, or companies.  By all means share your experiences, good and bad, but avoid unjustified claims or accusations, and don't get nasty.

Discussions about specific companies are acceptable but this needs to be based on your experiences and you should limit the references to companies and not name individuals who work for those companies (for legal reasons). 

Whilst you may not agree with others treat their opinions with respect.  Differences of opinion leads to debate which is what the forum is all about but it needs to be constructive.

Be descriptive with the title of your post.  ?can you help me? is not nearly as good as ?what do I include in a cover letter?. 

Remember ? no adult or illegal material anywhere; no copyright material (unless you are quoting a small piece and giving the reference), no get rich or MLM schemes, no encouragement of illegal or inappropriate actions.

For you own benefit do not post any personal information.  This is an open forum.

We are fortunate to have a number of committed moderators who have volunteered to support our forum.  The moderators role is an important one since they ensure that everything works well, move posts to the best place, stimulate discussion, and from time to time, remind people of the ?code of conduct?.  Our moderators are also forum members in their own right so will participate fully and freely in the debate.
Additionally, all our moderators have signed up to the following code of conduct:
  • To not use their moderator position to unfairly promote their business, and especially not at the expense of others? businesses;
  • To provide help and guidance to forum members with the operation of the forum;
  • To treat all posts by forum members equally and in accordance with the forum rules and terms of use;
  • To remove all messages that are deemed to be overtly self-promotional and/or 'spam'.

If at any point you have a question about a moderators decision, or a comment about them please forward this by private message to the moderator in question or to Forum Management.

Remember this is an open forum where you will see advice and opinions from a diverse range of people ? some of whom have direct experience in the area they are giving advice and others who will not.  And even when the poster has relevant experience it is still their opinion and may or may not be right for you or right for your personal circumstances.

Even when the Forum Admin team, moderators or experts give answers, these answers represent their opinions, views and recommendations along with insights into how they might approach things. They are necessarily, however, written in the absence of full information on either the situation or business so need to be read in this context. They cannot be read as a call to action.  The contents of these posts are intended for general information purposes only and shall not be deemed to be, or constitute legal or professional advice. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss as a result of acts or omissions taken in respect of these articles.  Basically you need to make up your own mind, and where appropriate, expert legal advice should be sought prior to implementation.

Finally, welcome!
HireScore.com Forum ..... HireScores.com Forum ..... HireScores.com Forum ..... HireScores.com Forum ..... HireScores.com Forum
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