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Title: Keywords Assist Employers In Finding Relevant CV's
Post by: forum admin on March 19, 2009, 01:52:19 PM
It is advisable to use keywords to ensure that CV's posted on online recruitment sites are noticed easily by employers, it has been claimed.

Online Recruitment has suggested that using key words will mean that applications are easily picked up by software looking for those with the most relevant skills.

Similarly, those recruitment agencies which give people the chance to build an online CV using their sites can also be helpful.

David Hurst, managing director of Online Recruitment, said: "It is very important to think about the skills and qualifications you've got and highlight them so that they get found."

He added that "people should think about where they are applying and tailor their CV accordingly".

According to the Monster Employment Index, there is still a strong demand for workers in the healthcare sector as well as education and telecommunications.