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Logo1st Rec Recruitment Agency have 16 years recruitment experience and can find candidates for you anywhere in the UK, usually within 24- 48 hours. We are always very pleased to accept new recruitment assignments and our recruitment team will be pleased to either take a call from you. Our mission is to keep working with us as simple as possible, we want our services to be no trouble to use so the first thing you need to do is call us, its a no obligation call and we will be happy to discuss your needs directly. We are general recruiters so we can find any skill you need in Any location, reducing the amount of specialist suppliers you use.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
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Industry Sectors Covered:Arts, Design & Media,    Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Construction and Building,    Consulting Services,    Energy and Natural Resources,    Food and Drink,    Government & Local Government,    Health,    Industrial and FMCG,    Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Agro),    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,    Professional Services,    Public Sector,    Recruitment,    Retail, Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,    Other,    Charity and not for profit,    Education,   
Job Areas Covered:Accounting, Finance & Insurance,    Administrative, Secretarial and Office Services,    Business Services (H&S, Facilities, Planning, Security),    Communications,    Engineering & Construction,    General Management,    Human Resources,    IT,    Legal,    Medical, Pharmacy & Dentistry,    Operations,    Programme and Project Management,    Recruitment Consultancy,    Sales and Marketing,    Services & Customer Services,    Scientific and Technical,    Supply Chain & Procurement,    Management Consulting,    Trades,    Other,    Regional UK,    Graduate,    Student,    International,   
Mission Statement:

1stREC has been formed to deliver quality services at a competitive price.

We believe that companies will always buy quality service at a competitive rate, and if the company happens to be in recession which in 2008 it is then some would say that to set up a recruitment company in the teeth of what may be the deepest recession in living memory is a testament to our confidence to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

  • Our main specialization is Recruitment.
  • Our company employs highly trained specialists who are constantlyimproving methods of their work and whose knowledge is verified by the corresponding certificates.

We place the clients and their needs as the main priority of our activity. This and only this allows us to hold the leading positions and client's trust and respect.

We can support your operation recruiting any type of skill anywhere in the UK, as recruiters we do not need to be experts in your business, you already know all that is required.

As recruitment professionals it is our job to ask you the right questions to be able to find the right skills, it will always be you who makes the final decision and you who tells us if we have the match right.

1stREC has been developed to reflect the needs of clients to have the right to not be bothered by Recruitment Agency Sales Staff.

  • We believe that you know what you want and you will ask for our service when you want it, through extensive study we believe that you need a service that feels as though it is right beside you on the very desk next to you.
  • We will remember that it is you that pay the invoice
  • We will remember that it is you who are the client, and you deserve the best possible service we can offer
  • We will promise to stick to your briefing
  • We will promise to tell you immediately if we cannot find the candidate you are looking for
  • We will promise to work with you closely to fill the vacancy at your pace and not ours
  • We promise to use our expertise for your benefit
  • We promise to help your business as much as we can

Permanent Recruitment
We offer simple recruitment services designed for ease of use, if you have a permanent vacancy you need only call us and we will do the rest, our committed consultants are all experienced and helpful, and empowered to negotiate terms to fit the budget of most companies. If we cannot help, we promise to try and point you in the direction of someone who can.

We work on a "success only" basis which simply means you pay absolutely nothing until we have selected a candidate you have interviewed, offered and they have actually started work. It is on the day they start that we will send you an invoice.

Yes we have a rebate scheme it is in our terms, should the person leave however we will always try to be successful again and find you another candidate first, the choice will always be yours.


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