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LogoEvergreen Resources, The Specialist Environmental Agency for Environmental Jobs. Evergreen Resources has the longest track record providing recruitment expertise to environmental candidates and environmental recruiters alike and is a recognised leader in the environmental sector. We provide a wholly ethical service and boast an enviable reputation for providing an effective and accurate service whilst maintaining the confidentiality of both clients and job seekers alike. We are renowned for always having a comprehensive range of environmental vacancies to satisfy the environmental careers of most environmental jobseekers. With our dedicated team of consultants we can assist all levels of jobseekers and recruiters across most environmental jobs.

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Agency Type: Employment Agency
Start Date: 1991
No of Employees:6 - 10
No of Offices:1
Geographic Coverage:Whole of UK
Industry Sectors Covered:Energy and Natural Resources,    Construction and Building,    Recruitment,    Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport and Logistics,   
Job Areas Covered:Scientific and Technical,    Engineering & Construction,   
Mission Statement:

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We are members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and follow their codes of conduct. We can offer you either Permanent, Contract or Temporary staff. Please contact us for details of our charges and a copy of our terms and conditions.

Our aim is to provide you with a source of high quality candidates, and to assist you in filling your vacancies quickly with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. This will be achieved by:- accurately screening potential candidates against your requirements and fully briefing them about your vacancy, arranging all interviews to your instructions and liaising efficiently at the offer stage.

We currently offer a broad range of services including:-

Database Search:- We currently have over 22000 applicants on our database. We will screen all active candidates on our database against your specifications, searching for candidates who not only have the skills and experience you require, but who have also expressed an interest in your type of vacancy and location. In most cases we will discuss your opportunity with suitable candidates to confirm their interest and availability. Once this has been done their CV will be forwarded to you. A placement fee will be charged only once the individual joins you.

Client Funded Advertising:- We offer a full range of services with respect to advertising - from offering advice as to the choice of media through to the creation of artwork and copy. Naturally, we will place the advertisement for you and deal with the response. All applicants will be for your exclusive use until such time that you have either selected the individual you wish to employ or have rejected them. Again, candidates will be accurately screened for suitability and will be fully briefed about the position before their C.V. is submitted. You will be charged for any advertising, (although this could very probably be at a lower rate than you could negotiate for yourself), together with a reduced placement fee. Alternatively, a flat handling fee can be agreed, with no placement fee charged.

Evergreen Funded Advertising:- In certain circumstances Evergreen will advertise your vacancy and may either not make a charge, or charge only a small fee as a contribution to the cost of the advertisement. A placement fee will be charged upon successful appointment of a candidate and we will normally require a period of sole agency.

Personnel Function:- Although this service is most likely to be of interest to organisations without a personnel department, it could prove to be a useful facility to busy personnel departments who have an unexpectedly high workload. In brief we will take your instruction on a sole agency basis, place advertisements as required and we will liaise with other agencies as and where appropriate. We will charge a one off fee for undertaking the assignment and all other services will be provided at cost.

Evergreen Resources is part of the rapidly expanding Evergreen Group. Established in 1991, the Group includes a number of specialist recruitment companies. Apart from the environmental sector, it covers the operational research and statistics, financial and pharmaceutical industries.

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