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LogoDeerfoot IT has operated as a dedicated IT recruitment agency / business for the past 12 years. Our core discipline is candidate search and selection covering all IT disciplines and technologies. We have held the ISO9001:2000 quality accreditation consistently for the past 10 years and are a corporate and specialist Technology member of the R.E.C (The Recruitment & Employment Confederation), our industry's trade body. Our client portfolio includes organisations operating in most industry sectors including: Banking, Insurance, Retail, IT Software, Govt. and Public Sector, Information Management and the Charity sector. Our aim is to simply achieve best practice within our chosen discipline as IT Recruiters. Ensuring we always deliver a best value service in an open, honest, responsible and ethical manner. Our head office is situated to just north of Southampton. We have a satellite office based right in the heart of London's financial district and an office in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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Agency Type: Recruitment and Executive Search
Start Date: 1997
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Industry Sectors Covered:Technology, ICT, Telecoms,   
Job Areas Covered:IT,   
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The IT Recruitment Marketplace

The past several years have seen a consistent period of skills shortages in the IT sector which has ensured increasing salary and contractor rates year on year for IT professionals together with an influx of skilled IT individuals from outside the EU. The marketplace has been very much 'candidate led'.

Today we can all see that unemployment across the UK economy is rising and the consensus is that the UK is to experience a sustained period of economic contraction. Given this scenario it is perhaps understandable to assume that the IT job market is not as rosy as it once was.

Our view is that we see the IT jobs market as being in a very unusual state. It is true that there have been redundancies and a general reduction in the use of IT contractors. The marketplace is clearly now 'client led' whereby recruiting organizations have access to a larger 'available' talent pool and can secure good IT talent for less. We have seen IT contractor fees reduce and static permanent salary levels. If you are a recruiting organization, the current marketplace gives an opportunity to secure good talent. If you have long term IT contractors on site, replacing them with appropriately qualified permanent staff members is now a real option, as is the prospect of reducing contractor fees.     

However there still remains a shortage of individuals with strong proficiency in some IT disciplines. We have also seen evidence of 'inertia' within the job market, whereby many good individuals currently in permanent roles that perhaps had plans to seek a new role have decided to stay put given the uncertainties in the economy. There are still candidates who are securing multiple offers and who are turning down job offers having had cold feet about moving on.

If you are a recruiting organization and need any advice on any area of the IT job market please do not hesitate to contact us. We are very happy to act in a consultative capacity and provide expert advice on items such as cost reduction, key staff retention and of course fresh recruitment.

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