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LogoDamia Group is a specialist recruitment organisation dedicated to the provision of IT Consultants and Business Managers on a permanent or interim basis. Damia Group work with many of the leading Management Consultancies, Systems Integrators, London Insurance Market and Telecomms clients, with a growing presence in the SAP market place. At the top-end of these service industries, our clients demand the best talent available and we see it as our professional duty to seek out those individuals and provide them with the best possible career opportunity. Damia Group is delivery focussed and passionate about people. We aim to work with fewer preferred clients and well-qualified candidates to ensure a personal, productive and profitable experience for all concerned. Most of our business is repeat business.

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Agency Type: Recruitment Agency
Start Date: 1995
No of Employees:
No of Offices:
Geographic Coverage:
Industry Sectors Covered:Banking, Financial and Insurance Services,    Consulting Services,    Government & Local Government,    Technology, ICT, Telecoms,   
Job Areas Covered:IT,   
Mission Statement:

Damia Group was founded in 1995 by a successful team of I.T., contract-resource providers. Our aim at that time was both simple and ambitious - to supply I.T. contractors to a range of clients and in so-doing, prove that ‘recruitment' was worthy of being taken seriously as an industry. 11 Years on, our services have evolved but our desire to put ‘people' at the centre of our solutions and to elevate the status of ‘resource processing', has not.


In 1995 the Damia Group team was made up of professional recruiters with little real-working knowledge of the I.T. marketplace and a limited understanding of how businesses operate. Today, the company employs several qualified I.T. Consultants (Managers, Analysts, Designers and Programmers); Business Consultants, Accountants, H.R. Consultants, ‘Professional Services' Sales Consultants, BPO specialists, as well as career recruiters. Collectively, our staff can speak 5 European languages and 4 Non-European languages and many have business degrees/MBA's. Our clear objective is to provide the best qualified service to candidates and clients alike.


Our strategy is to provide a premium level service to our clients and candidates. As such, we have evolved a set of services that are concerned with providing solutions to selected industries, namely: Management Consulting, Systems Integration, Government, Financial Services and Telecommunications. The services include Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Resourcing Services, Executive Search, Contingency recruitment (Contract and Permanent) and Software Development (highly specialised service, see Products and Services section), on a Pan-European scale.


In seeking to understand our marketplace, Damia Group has worked closely with our candidates, taking the relationship beyond the period of the recruitment process. In this capacity we act as an ‘agent' (comparable to a sports or theatrical agent) working exclusively with selected individuals to find the right company and the right role.

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