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Partnering to better serve you in the consulting area is committed to bringing together information, advice and tools for candidates, employers and recruiters. Good HR plays a significant role in recruitment, development and retention and therefore forms a critical part of the offering. In order to ensure a full range of high quality information, articles, consulting, training and other HR, people and organisation services we have set up a collaboration with mlh global hr consulting

mlh global hr consulting offers expertise and consulting support in the following areas:

  • Business transformation, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions: delivering organisation and people elements;
  • Capability development: global programmes, leadership team development, global talent management, recruitment and recruitment effectiveness, executive coaching;
  • Change leadership: stimulating and sustaining business and individual transformation and growth;
  • HR transformation: reviewing, aligning and revitalising your HR organisation
  • Interim human resources management and project leadership

The unifying theme is growth and development; of organisations and of the people within them. Implicit in both of these is change and the leadership of change.

Good organisations need good people. is all about improving the recruitment experience, effectiveness and efficiency. Better recruitment leads to better retention.

mlh global hr consulting works with companies to help them best align their organisation and people needs.

Integrated Talent Management

Is your talent management first rate?

Is your investment in terms of time and money optimised?

mlh global hr consulting offers a highly effective integrated talent management solution which optimises spend and ensures long term benefits. Our commitment to your organisation and its needs means:

  • No off the shelf solutions, models or methodologies but access to a portfolio of tools and techniques
  • The ability to scope this to meet the needs and resources of small companies
  • A comprehensive offering which fits the organisation context and ensures full alignment with organisation goals
  • The individual elements will be tailored to meet your needs but spans recruitment through development to appointments and promotions and will include some or all of the following:
    • Review of current practice
    • Detailed identification of short and long term organisation needs, and alignment with business strategy
    • Succession Management: systems, structure and processes, measurement, leadership capability and effective judgement.
    • Coaching and mentoring - establishing the need, setting up and supporting programmes
    • Recruitment - maximising the contribution to talent management
    • Alignment of training and development options and spend
    • Mapping formal and informal mechanisms
    • Assessment and Development
    • Development planning
    • Potential rating and evaluation


Integrated Talent Management is a complex and costly challenge for organisations. Costly both in terms of investment spend and time, but also in terms of the cost of error; the cost of getting it wrong is very high and usually not apparent until much later. Many organisations invest time, effort and money in a wide range of talent management interventions (coaching, mentoring, training, succession planning etc) but fail to maximise the return due to insufficient integration and by not making best use of ‘everyday' opportunities. At mlh global hr consulting we believe that by combining the holistic with the pragmatic it is possible to integrate the elements in a company wide approach, which in turn streamlines time and investment and improves impact and sustainability.

Interestingly, we also find that small companies sometimes do not know how to get started in this area which looks costly and very time consuming. Our pragmatic approach and considerable experience means that we can put together practical solutions which are easy to maintain and raise the bar without overwhelming the organisation.

Visit our website to use our free talent diagnostic which will review your current practices and make suggestions for improvement.

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More about mlh global hr consulting
Recruitment and recruitment effectiveness is a critical capability for any successful organisation. Investment in terms of time, money and reputation is significant and the cost of error high. Looking at the cost of hire, estimates vary but a reasonable assumption is that it costs at least one years salary to hire someone. Looking at the costs of error you need to add together the costs of hire, the opportunity costs, the damage on morale on the rest of the team and the impact on productivity and output. Most estimates confidently demonstrate that a strong performer makes a contribution that is three times that of a normal, fully acceptable performer.

Our consulting support focuses on two key areas.

  • Firstly the area of recruitment strategy and operational delivery, where the focus is on working with organisations to ensure strong alignment between recruitment and the short and long term needs of the organisation and at the same time ensure optimal operational performance and effective use of recruitment spend.
  • Secondly we focus on the area of recruitment effectiveness. This is a critical but often overlooked area. For example, recent research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (their 2005 recruitment survey) also demonstrates that whist 8 in every 10 organisations use Recruitment Agencies but only 28% of them have a structured approach to assessing their performance. We offer support to HR functions and Leadership teams who wish to evaluate the effectiveness of their recruitment and in so doing, to improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We work with organisations that manage the whole process in-house, use an outsourced partner or have a combination of the two.

HR and Recruitment Health Check

HR and Recruitment Health Check Programme by mlh global hr consulting

One of mlh consulting's services that has particular appeal to SMEs and small to medium recruitment companies is our HR and Recruitment Health Check programme. We conduct a thorough review of your current people related practices covering joining, working and leaving. The review includes looking at your policies, and procedures as well as conducting interviews with key managers to identify needs, and areas of potential risk.

This review is equally applicable to organisations which manage their HR in-house or those that partner with an external provider. With the former the focus is on best practice, opportunity identification, efficiency and compliance and with the latter it focuses on service quality and value.

The process is straightforward:

  • first we analyse your needs and current solutions, policies and procedures
  • then we pull this together into a report. This is a practical document that provides ideas and suggestions for things that you can do yourself.
  • then we meet you to present the feedback and to discuss options and recommendations
  • we include simple fixes in the price – such as providing you with a missing procedure or policy, giving you ideas on how to attract and retain staff

We can, of course, also propose ways that we can help you with design and implementation of changes you may wish to consider - but equally we are happy to let you progress these without us.

Our health check can be used to take stock and check that things are all in place and working well. This could be particularly relevant for a company that has had a period of growth and wants to take stock before moving forward. Equally it can be applied prior to undertaking on a significant a new project, change programme, growth plan - to ensure that everything is in place for the project. For the latter it becomes a pre-project health check and includes suggestions on how best to cover the people side of the project.

We also produce more specialsit reviews of a particular aspect of HR, people and organisations - for example, training and development, talent management or recruitment.

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